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True Star

Chapter 122: Self Rescue (4)

Don’t Practice Your Erotic Acting in Public

On September 15, 2016, Posted by , In Updates, With 2 Comments

Hi guys, we’re back! We have some True Star and another part of those ridiculously long KSM chapters for you today. Also, we’re glad to say that we’ve had a new translator join us. That pair of extra hands should help us out greatly during these hectic months. We also got those last two True Star chapters proofread, so we’re removing the password. I have to say, there were an exorbitant amount of you who were asking for the password, even though it was in the front page post, the latest updates page, the comments, and the FAQ… Maybe I’ll start putting it in bold…

As for the poll, it was split between chocolate chip cookies, cheesecake, and promises of power and wealth. I guess what we can take from this poll is that that we are weak to temptations, especially when it comes in the form of food. I think we can say that the best way to get through to someone is through food. Remember that! It’ll be useful!

Key of the Sunken Moon: Chapter 4 ~71%
True Star: Chapter 121
True Star: Chapter 122

Button Your Shirt, Beware of Wild Animals

On September 1, 2016, Posted by , In Updates, With 8 Comments

Hi guys! It seems we are running behind on our proofreading again, so the two new True Star chapters are unproofread. Password is pie in case you don’t remember. We also have another part of KSM for you guys. This one is proofread. I’m working on Gong Hua, but I’ve only got two pages translated so far, so Gong Hua fans will have to wait a while more. :(

In case you’re wondering, we actually have a lot of proofreaders in our group, but when this time of the year rolls around, most disappear for one reason or another. Having said that, we could use some more translators. Yes, translators, not proofreaders. We are all quite busy at the moment, so we could use an extra hand or two. Hopefully, our potential translator is fluent in English and adequate in Chinese. I hope that’s not too high of a standard. Email us with the translation test if you’re interested! Speaking of email, I’ll get around to answering mine soon, I’ve been really bad at that lately. So those of you that have emailed me, don’t lose hope yet!

I’ll give you an invisible cookie if you apply! :D Until next time!

Key of the Sunken Moon: Chapter 4 ~43%
True Star: Chapter 119
True Star: Chapter 120

Really, a Phone Call Would’ve Been Enough

On August 16, 2016, Posted by , In Updates, With 2 Comments

Hi guys, rather late release today. Sorry, we’ve all been busy lately so I’ll keep it short. Cough*Some of us are just busy playing Pokemon Go*Cough. Ahem. Today, we’re starting the second volume of Ti Shen along with four chapters of True Star. There are only ten chapters left to the first volume of True Star. Let’s begin the countdown! 10 more chapters until the end! Of the first volume anyways. There are a lot more chapters waiting to be translated. Anyways, enjoy your read!

As for the poll, “hiding my powers” ultimately took first place in the end with 71 votes. It was unchallenged for first place in any case. We are all paranoid, I say! Only 26 of you plan on dominating the world. I guess not many of us are fans of running a whole world. It is a lot of work. Too much work for the summer. Haha. See you next time!

True Star: Chapter 115
True Star: Chapter 116
True Star: Chapter 117
True Star: Chapter 118
Ti Shen: Chapter 1

When Your Life Is More Dramatic Than a Prime Time Drama

On August 2, 2016, Posted by , In Updates, With 3 Comments

Hi guys! We’re back with two chapters of True Star and one chapter of KSM. A whole chapter of KSM in fact. Don’t get used to it. The chances of it happening again is very slim. Those chapters are monsters in length and a pain to translate. Ahem, I did not mean to say that. And some fun facts about True Star: The S City that gets mentioned frequently in the story is most likely Shanghai. Sometimes, authors like to abbreviate the names of cities and countries for no reason that I’m aware of, but in my opinion, knowing the city that the story takes place in is much easier to get a feel for the setting. Another thing, the author has mentioned in one of her author’s notes that none of the male characters in True Star are herbivores. None of them. They are all cunning and devious. So keep that in mind as you read the future chapters. Anyways, enjoy your read!

For those of you that posted comments about rehosting and how to buy VIP chapters, we’ll get around to answering you soon. Most of us have been busy lately. Being busy in the summer should be a crime. As for the poll, “Using my powers in secret and hiding from suspicious organizations” is currently in the lead. Wow, we are all paranoid here, aren’t we? I sure expected a lot more diabolic masterminds ready to take over the world. XD Anyways, we’ll be back on the 15th!

Key of the Sunken Moon: Chapter 3
True Star: Chapter 113
True Star: Chapter 114

Smoking Out Your Rivals with Honey and Chocolate

On July 16, 2016, Posted by , In Updates, With 3 Comments

Hi guys, late release again. FYI, it’ll probably be like this for the rest of summer, so don’t panic if you don’t see a release early in the day. We’re probably putting it together as you hyperventilate. XD Anyways, we are back with two chapters each for True Star and Ti Shen. I guess you guys are used to the shortness of the chapters by now, though I still feel bad giving you guys such small doses each time. It’ll just make your addiction worse. However, I am excited to announce that the first volume of Ti Shen is now completed. Just around 200 chapters left to go. Jesus. We’ll probably have some KSM next time. Look forward to it!

As for the poll, mind reading ultimately came in first. Flying and invisibility came in second and third. I have to say I thought fire-breathing would be a more popular choice. Think of all the things you can do if you can breathe fire. You can burn your enemies to a crisp and roast marshmallows on the go. Right? For the 35 of you that are laid up in the hospital, I’m sorry. Perhaps you’ll have better luck next time when the spider bites you.

That’s all for this time. See you in August!

True Star: Chapter 111
True Star: Chapter 112
Ti Shen: Chapter 46
Ti Shen: Chapter 47

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