Brain Dead Like a Zombie

On June 15, 2016, Posted by , In Updates, With No Comments

Happy June 15th! Like promised, we’re back with some KSM and True Star! We have some curious developments in both, so enjoy your read. Tang Feng might be adding another guy to his ever expanding harem. Or maybe not. We’ll have to see. :D As for next time, we’ll probably have some Gong Hua and Ti Shen. Look forward to it.

So, we’ve been noticing some spoilers cropping up in the comments for True Star again. If you really can’t hold back and want to talk about what happens next, use the spoiler tag in your comments: [spoiler] spoiler content [/ spoiler]. Remove the space after the “/” though. Just be considerate of the other readers and don’t spoil the whole thing. That kind of takes the fun away from reading. Cool?

As for the poll, the sandwich ultimately came in first with ramen coming in second. Too many of us want to change the past, eh? I have to mention here that the sandwich in the poll has nothing to do with the human sandwich in True Star. That was a pure coincidence. That better have not influenced your choices. Right? Haha. We’ll see you in July.

Key of the Sunken Moon: Chapter 2 100%
True Star: Chapter 106
True Star: Chapter 107
True Star: Chapter 108

Sticking Out Like a Coarse Bun

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We’re back on Children’s Day with a mass release! Yes, that’s right, we have five chapters for you guys to enjoy today. Don’t get used to it. It’ll probably go back to being three releases before long. Anyways, the threesome in True Star is doing well to live up to their name. Maybe. ;) We also included some unnecessarily long notes about a Chinese card game. Gong Hua is also back as snappy as ever. Ran Feng Ge is out of commission this time as he’s still nursing his hangover. A lot of people are getting drunk in these few chapters. Sloppily drunk. Very. Makes for some interesting scenes. Haha.

We’ll probably have some KSM next time along with True Star or Ti Shen. We’re also reaching the end of the first volume for Ti Shen. Hurray! The second and third volumes span 92 and 99 chapters respectively. So we’ll be here for a long while. Ah jeez, what is up with these long series? Oh yes, the sandwich is leading the poll at the moment, followed by ramen. You guys don’t like the cheesecake?

See you guys next time!

Gong Hua: Chapter 9
True Star: Chapter 104
True Star: Chapter 105
Ti Shen: Chapter 44
Ti Shen: Chapter 45

Don’t Be a Jealous Wife

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Sorry guys, late update today. Since it’s finals time, everything’s kind of hectic. We have two chapters of True Star and one chapter of Ti Shen for you today. Charles is back in all his glory! For those of you who were looking forward to his return! Interesting developments in Ti Shen as well. Enjoy your read. There will be Gong Hua and Ti Shen next time. Look forward to it!

On the side of business, we’ve set up a tumblr over at giraffecorps.tumblr.com. So if you use tumblr, you can follow us to be notified of our updates. Now you don’t have to check our website 1000 times a day. I’m not saying you can’t, it does give us more page views. Haha. We’re also testing some other functions with the site, so if any pages appear wonky, don’t panic. It’ll be fixed ASAP. Probably.

For the poll, 68 of you chose turtle and 62 of you chose the immortal jellyfish. I have to say I am disappointed by the lack of sardines and barnacles in the crowd. But I understand, being on the bottom of the food chain isn’t as appealing as immortality. That’s all for this time. We’ll be back in June!

True Star: Chapter 102
True Star: Chapter 103
Ti Shen: Chapter 43

How to Propose to a Mop

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Hey guys, I’ll keep it short today. We have two chapters of True Star for you along with the first half of another installation of The Adventures of Rice Bucket and Mop. We’ve hit the big 100 for True Star. Yay, that’s a big landmark for us. Hope you guys will stay around for another 200 chapters. Ah, the end seems so far away.

As for the poll, I’m seriously surprised you guys actually bothered to vote on such a weird poll. Turtle and immortal jellyfish are currently in first and second. I understand. You guys want to live long so you’ll be able to stick around to see the end of True Star, right? Haha. Anyways, until next time.

p.s. May you survive finals. The force is with you.

Key of the Sunken Moon: Chapter 2 ~50%
True Star: Chapter 100
True Star: Chapter 101

To All the Romantic Comedy Leads

On April 15, 2016, Posted by , In Updates, With 9 Comments

Triple update of True Star today! We decided to be nice and give you guys a healthy dose of the True Star poison. Now you will be even more addicted. Haha! You guys better not disappear on us this time. I have to say, that whole paragraph about Lu Tian Chen staring into Tang Feng’s eyes was cringeworthy to type through. At least Lu Tian Chen isn’t as cringeworthy as Charles, some of the things that man says… Anyways, there should be some Ti Shen or KSM next time. Not sure about Gong Hua, since I’m kind of swamped at the moment.

As for the poll, 97 of you have faith in us. I guess that means we should roll up our sleeves and get to work, huh? The rest of you are spread out among the other choices. As for the 36 of you that will be in the grave, well 35 since squinty had an extra vote, we’re sorry, we’ll come to your funeral. XD That’s all for this time. See you on May 1st!

p.s. Yes, sponges are animals. And I’m running out of ideas for polls.

True Star: Chapter 97
True Star: Chapter 98
True Star: Chapter 99

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