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So. There wasn’t supposed to be a True Star chapter today, but we need to double check some things on the new KSM parts so they aren’t ready for release yet. This means we will have KSM parts for next time. I haven’t decided what else to release, but we shall see.

In case you haven’t noticed, this release is later than the ones before. Releases will come around this time from now on. Reason: school has started again. Don’t start going rabid on us because of withdrawal symptoms. We’ll get the chapters up before the day is over, though this won’t apply to the people living overseas. So yes, come back later in the day and we should have the chapters up!

Anyways, dragons won with a landslide in the last poll. We sure have a lot of aspiring dragon riders among us here. For the only two people who voted for Bigfoot, you guys deserve a fist bump. And for the 29 people who voted for gnomes, you guys have a good sense of humor. The new poll is up! I know I didn’t put in all the classes Hogwarts offers, but this should be a pretty good selection, right?

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How to Be a Gardener

We’re back with another part of KSM and two chapters of True Star. Fan Tong gives us some relationship advice while Charles gives us some keen pointers on gardening. Whatever the case, these chapters are full of knowledge for you.

Just a note, we’ll be going back to later releases next time. Meaning, releases will come later in the day. For people who live outside the U.S. expect releases on the 2nd and the 16th. For people living in the U.S. or in the same timezone, expect releases around the afternoon or at night.

In any case, mages won in the last poll with assassins coming in second. Darn, I thought “getting hunted by the adventure team” was going to win. Close, but no cigar. Anyways, until next time!

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Cloning & Old Geezer

We are releasing parts/chapters for all four series today! Yup, it’s a mass release! If you remember, we did a week of daily releases last August, but this time we are just going to release the chapters all at once. You can mark down August for mass releases on your calendar, it’ll probably become a tradition from now. We apologize for the slow releases of Fan Tong, we’ll work on speeding it up. The good news is we’ll have the start of chapter seven for you guys next time. So look forward to it!

Looking at the results of the poll, it appears that although we are in the digital age, we still like holding hardcopies of books in our hands. That’s good to know! It seems like we still have a lot of analog people out there. Anyways, I’m running out of ideas for polls, so they will probably be random and weird from now on. Enjoy your read! We’ll be back on the 15th.

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Like None Other

Hey guys, we’re back with three chapters of True Star! We have some dark revelations in these three chapters. The gradual meltdown of iceberg Lu Tian Chen is continuing as well. Enjoy your read! Expect more Ti Shen and Gong Hua chapters next time. We will probably have some KSM as well.

I have to say I’m surprised cats didn’t win in the last poll. Though considering that 36% of you like both cats and dogs and another 28% of you like cats, we end up with 64% of people who like cats in total. So I guess cats do win. Sigh, man’s best friend is falling behind. Anyways, excuse the ridiculously long choices in this time’s poll. I barely managed to prevent myself from writing an essay right there in the poll. So I’m curious, paper or digital?

Oh right, check out our new theme at if you haven’t yet!

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How to Be a Third Wheel

We’re taking a break from True Star this time and instead we have two Ti Shen chapters for you. Don’t worry, True Star will be back for the next update. In addition, we have a chapter of Gong Hua for your reading enjoyment. I have to say the romance in Gong Hua is kind of sudden. There weren’t any mentions of it in the previous chapters, so it’s rather odd to see it now. Well, let’s see where Yu Wo will take us.

As Nuddle has mentioned in the last post, we are working on updating the theme of Giraffe Corps. We have a test site set up at so check it out if you haven’t yet. The dark theme will be set as the default theme later on, so it definitely won’t be that hard on the eyes. If you have any suggestions for features we could improve/add, be sure to leave a comment!

From the poll results, I see we have some aspiring Noahs out there. I expect to see some arks pop up over the summer. If not, I’ll be quite disappointed. Anyways, until next time!

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Telephone Game

NOTE FROM NUDDLE 06/16: Hey all! We’re currently working on updating the theme and setup of GC so that it’s easier to read/navigate/includes more options. We have a test theme set up at We moved some things around and tried to put things at different spots. If you scroll to the bottom right of the main page, you’ll now see that there’s an option for a light vs dark theme. We are thinking of putting the dark theme as default, while the light can be chosen if desired. Let us know what you think in the comments box so that we can make additional changes before actually switching!

An earlier update today too. As promised, we have another part of the Adventures of Rice Bucket for this release. I never knew Wei Shi was a pretty boy. Like for real? We also have two True Star chapters this time. Does anyone even remember Gino’s first name? Everybody just refers to him as Gino. Quiz time, what’s Albert’s last name? No cheating and looking it up in the chapters! Anyways, there will be a Gong Hua chapter next time, so look forward to it!

I am quite surprised that chopsticks won in the last poll. Can you really use chopsticks to eat everything? Even yogurt? Or are you guys just all aspiring kung-fu masters? In any case, a poll about the weather this time. It’s been raining pretty hard where I live, so I’m curious what it’s like for you guys.

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Zombie Dance

A bit of an early update today. We have three True Star chapters for all you BL fans out there. Yup, you read that right. Three chapters. Tang Feng is charming pretty much everyone in these latest chapters. We should just call him the god of charm. Well, enjoy your read!

We have also made a translation test. In a minute, I’ll put it up on the contacts page. Check it out if you are interested in being a translator. It’s relatively simple. We’ll judge based on accuracy and flow. Nothing too demanding, right?

Anyways, a bit of random poll this time too. I’m the kind of person who would eat pizza with a fork sometimes because I don’t want my hands to become greasy. So really I’m curious, if you could use one eating utensil for everything, what would you use?

Oh, I almost forgot to talk about the last poll! Well, Charles won with 43% of the votes. Lu Tian Chen following behind with 32%. I’m glad people like Xiao Yu as a character, she’s feisty. Your opinions might change as you read along the story, so we might have this poll again sometime.

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Don’t Diss the Häagen-Dazs

UPDATE: We’ve updated the Contact page with the proofreader test and other information about joining GC. Take a look if you’re interested!

Hey everyone, we have two Ti Shen chapters and another part of Fan Tong today! Someone needs to buy An Chen a Nokia so he doesn’t go around murdering innocent phones anymore. And An Mu, don’t diss the Häagen-Dazs, it’s considered a delicacy for broke college students, alright? What kid-food? Ice cream is for everyone! There is a slight incest alert for Ti Shen 028, so be aware of that before you head in.

We could use some more proofreaders for all series and a translator for Fan Tong. I’ll put up the proofreader test on here later, so you can just download it and send it in along with your application. As for the poll, as expected, Tang Feng won with a whopping 181 votes. Now that wasn’t so fair, was it? We all knew Tang Feng was going to win. So this time’s poll is for favorite characters beside Tang Feng. We have to give them some chances of winning, right? (It’s also because I can’t think of another question at the moment, but let’s just look over that).

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Be Careful So That You Don’t Choke While Drinking

It’s time for another release. We have two chapters of True Star for you guys this time. Pfft, all I have to say at this point is that Charles is being pathetic. Anyways, enjoy! The second chapter is longer than usual, so it should be somewhat of a longer read. Emphasis on the somewhat.

I see that we had some quite divided results on the last poll. We’ll keep both versions of the PDFs and look into making epub and mobi versions. Ah, the age of technology can be such a pain sometimes. As for this new poll, I’m expecting Tang Feng to win. How can anyone not like his nonchalance? Right?

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Ears Can Apparently Cry

Gong Hua fans rejoice, for today we have a whole chapter for you! We also have two Ti Shen chapters today. That took a long time, didn’t it? Four months, hopefully, it won’t ever take that long again.

Lately, we’ve noticed that some of you guys were asking if we’ve dropped Ti Shen or True Star. The answer is no. If we haven’t made an announcement saying we’ve dropped them, then we haven’t. Updates may be slow, but that doesn’t mean we’re not working on them. I can assure you translations for all four series are still ongoing. If you have questions about how often we update, I’ll redirect you to the FAQ, again.

Also, we’re glad you like the PDFs. They take a long time to make, so we appreciate it. For the few of you that make your own, we do a lot of proofreading when making these PDFs, so it might be better to download our version, since they are mostly free of translation and grammatical errors. If you see a typo or anything, just let us know and we’ll fix it! For those that prefer other formats, we’ll look into making them. Until next time!

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Death Penalty to All!

Happy April Fools! I considered writing a joke chapter of True Star in which Tang Feng ends up with Xiao Yu, but that would probably generate a few heart attacks among you guys. Plus, I didn’t have enough time. So unfortunately, we do not have a April Fools joke for you guys. Maybe next year.

In any case, today we have another part of KSM for you guys. We’ll have some True Star and Ti Shen for next time. Ti Shen definitely, it’s been too long since we’ve updated it. We still need some proofreaders for Gong Hua. These two chapters have been sitting there since January, so if you’re good with grammar and want to help out, please apply. You will have to read through 12-14 pages of text though, so be prepared.

Anyways, we checked our paypal account and saw that the awesome Helen had donated a whopping 100 dollars to us. Applause! We’ll definitely put that money to good use (cough-server costs-cough). Sorry if you donated and we didn’t mention you, we are bad at keeping track, but know we appreciate it! :D

Also, I’m glad that most of you do read the front page. It’s good to know that I’m not simply talking to myself. The next poll is up, so get voting!

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Go to School Like a Good Student

It’s time for another release! We have a part of Fan Tong and another chapter of True Star today. Both are pretty short, but still enjoyable. Hopefully, we’ll have something longer for next time.

Onto another hand of business, we’ve noticed that there were a lot of spoiler-containing comments on the latest True Star chapters. Please refrain from posting spoilers. Some people don’t mind spoilers, but most don’t like reading them. If we see any more spoilers, we’ll start deleting comments. Another thing, a lot of people have been asking when and how often we update. For that, we’ll direct you to the FAQ page. That’s what it’s there for. You know, “frequently asked questions?”

We’ll also start introducing a series of polls from now on. They are just polls to gather information. No prizes involved. For the first one, well, if you don’t read the front page… Hmm, the “no” answer is kind of useless isn’t it?

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Charles, Just Use Some Febreze!

Here we are again at the first of March! We have two chapters of True Star for you today! Most of you were probably waiting for this, right? Well, enjoy!

On another note, for last time’s KSM update, at the end where Fan Tong says “See you eventually,” this sentence could also translate to “See you never.” Fan Tong uses the phrase 後會無期 (hou hui wu qi), which when translated as a whole, means “to meet at an unspecified date.” But when you split them apart, it can translate to “there is no specified date for another meeting.” The latter translation works better in this case as Luo Shi does tell Fan Tong to shut up afterwards. Because of that, we’ve decided to change that sentence to “See you never.”

Another thing, we could use some more proofreaders, preferably ones who have free time on their hands and are able to work fast. Some of our staff have gone MIA again, so we could use some extra help. We have two translated Gong Hua chapters, but the proofreading is going slow. So apply people!

Edit: We do not need proofreaders who will only work on True Star. We have enough of that at the moment.

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Remember to Pay Your Debt

Hey guys, we have another part of KSM for you today. As usual, Fan Tong gets picked on by his friends and his miserable situation is still…well miserable. Anyways, enjoy your read!

In case you’re wondering why we haven’t been updating True Star and Ti Shen, it’s because there’s a holdup in proofreading. Hopefully, we’ll have something for next time.

Oh, and Happy Belated Valentines Day! Does anyone even celebrate it? I only see it as a day where candy companies get to make a lot of profit. Much like Halloween in that case. Hmm.

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Going Fishing

Not much today, we have the first part of Chapter 6 of KSM for you guys. All I can say is that Fan Tong is truly unlucky. The releases for KSM should be faster from now on since we now have a dedicated translator for it-Saviesa! Applause!

Other than that, we’ve updated the last Gong Hua chapter with the second proofread draft.

Until next time.

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We Have Some Chapters for You!

Today, we have two chapters of True Star for you, in which we have some amusing banter and a somewhat cringe-inducing description of Tang Feng’s butt (at least to the translator). In any case, happy reading! Leave comments!

On the other hand of business, most of our staff are back now, so we’ll get going on chapters.

See you guys next time.

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Happy New Year & Releases

Hey guys, Happy New Year! Hope 2015 will be a good year for everyone.

Today we have one chapter each of Gong Hua and Ti Shen for you. No Sunken Moon or True Star this time. The chapter of Gong Hua has only gone through one proofreader, so if you spot mistakes, leave a comment. Generally, we refrain from uploading first proofs, but most of our staff are still busy, so we haven’t gotten much work done recently. But we are still making this chapter of Gong Hua available to you guys as you have been waiting for a while. Releases will probably be irregular for the next few months. The update times are still the 1st and 15th of each month, but whether we will have something to update is another case. We shall see.

Oh yeah, we need proofreaders. If you sent an application but didn’t get a reply, then Nuddles is probably too busy to check the email. If that happens, leave a comment on this post and we’ll try to get things moving for you.

Until next time!

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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone! Finals are over! Yay! However, most of our staff are still busy doing other stuff. We have one chapter of Ti Shen ready, a very short one at that too. I thought about putting it up, but just one chapter makes for a really lousy Christmas present. Now, do you guys want it up? Or do you want to wait for it during the regular releases? We do have chapters translated/in the process of translation for all four series, so we’ll be rolling them out over the next few weeks/months. No guarantees though. Other than that, have a good holiday!

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No Releases on the 15th

Hey guys, unfortunately, there won’t be any releases on the 15th this month. Most of us have hit a busy period in our lives (either finals or too much work in general), so we haven’t been able to work on any chapters lately. We do have some chapters translated, but not all of them have been proofread yet. If you’re good with grammar and want to help out, then shoot us an email. I can’t guarantee that we’ll be able to reply to you anytime soon though. Also, we do have a proofreader test now, so anybody who wants to apply will have to take it. That been said, we’ll probably have something up by Christmas, so check back then! Have a good day!

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Surprise, surprise


Did you guys all enjoy the daily updates? Did you notice that we actually updated for a week after the 1st? Were you happy? Surprised?

If you did notice, I’m glad. If you didn’t…umm… ok? XD Go check! I’m just here to let you know that we will be resuming our two week releases like usual after today. So that means our next update is on the 15th. Hope you enjoyed this surprise. Look out for more announcements! We’re hoping to do something special… some time in the future. Perhaps. :)

Anyways, thank you to all our supporters! We all were happy you noticed all our efforts!

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Shout outs!!

Awww, thank you libraryrocker and Martina for donating! You guys are so awesome!! Aren’t these giraffes just awesome too? :D I thought no one would donate after we reached our goal! But now we have extra, so I hope we can do something epically awesome with it. Have a great day everyone! Enjoy your summer!

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If you guys have stalked our page, you’d probably realize that Gong Hua was released just a few hours ago. A whole chapter in fact (a whooping… too many pages on Word). XD However, that actually wasn’t the winner of the contest. There were lots of shout outs for Gong Hua and though it didn’t win, it deserved to be updated. Definitely. I’ve never seen so many people talking about it on the Shout box.

And now for the contest. We had a grand total of 244 votes! (I didn’t even know we had that many people frequenting this site) Thank you so much for participating! Hope you enjoyed it and the prizes are *drum roll please* releases! SOOOOO, the results!
1st place: True Star
2nd place: Gong Hua
3rd place: Key of Sunken Moon
4th place: Ti Shen

Just as a bonus for you all, Key of Sunken Moon and Gong Hua have been updated! Of course, True Star will be too. Just head over there in a few moments and chapters should be there shortly! Please thank our translators and proofreaders! They worked really hard. :)

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Poll’s current results

Just a head’s up, the poll will be closing on the 30th. Get all your votes in before it closes! Currently, True Star is in first place. In second place is Gong Hua/Key of the Sunken Moon (they interchange sometimes) and last is Ti Shen.

With all the support for Gong Hua, I’m a little surprised it wasn’t first. Let’s go guys! Vote, vote, vote!  You’ll like what’s up after the poll ends! :DDD

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Voting Commmence!

We’re opening the poll a little early so we can at least guess which series will win before the next update. Haha. Please don’t all just vote on the last day because that’ll really cause us grief! So, without further ado, here it is. Have fun voting! As a reminder, as much as you love a series, don’t spam the poll with multiple votes. One vote per person! We have a limit on votes so if you do spam and we hit our limit, this poll will be void. Thanks for your understanding. Vote fast because only the first 200 votes will count. :)


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What is your favorite series?

Hello guys! Here’s something fun for you!

So, the members of our team have contemplated for a REALLY long time on whether we should do a poll or not. Should we have prizes? Should we not? What will we give the winner? Lots of questions. So, here’s the deal. We may POTENTIALLY update the series that wins. Potentially. Write that down. POTENTIALLY. Circle it. Draw arrows around it. Highlight it. Sadly, we can’t promise that we will. But we will make an effort.

Anyways, what does that mean for you? Well, for now, there is no poll up yet. However, it will be up along with the next updates (probably a bit before), which means it will be up some time around the 26th to 31st. We will leave it open for one week. After that one week, all the votes will be tallied and we’ll announce the winner. By then, we’ll probably have already decided what we would do. So, good luck to your favorite series and vote! Who knows, maybe you’ll get a huge reward at the end :) Get ready! And we will see you guys near the end of the month!

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Hey guys, in case you haven’t noticed, we have added a PDF page to our website! So if you want your own copy of volume one of The Sunken Moon, just head on over. Just a note, please do not redistribute these PDFs anywhere. If we find you, there will be dire repercussions (maybe >:D)! Anyways, look forward to some new releases on the 1st.

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