Tea Atop a Tree

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Hey guys! We have two chapters of True Star and the final part of chapter seven of KSM for you today. The KSM part looks longer than it actually is because there’s a picture insert. Ahem. We’ll get working on the rest of the volume and release it soon. As for True Star, there’s no cliffhanger this time! At least, I don’t think there’s a cliffhanger. Anyways, happy reading!

As for the poll, it was pretty much a showdown between Ironman and Deadpool. Deadpool won with two more votes in the end. 34 of you did choose Other, but as I don’t know what they are, I can’t really count them. I’m pretty bad when it comes to superheroes, so I apologize if I didn’t include everyone. Since we had a hero poll, I thought we could have a villain poll this time. I’m even worse with villains though, so I’ve included names apart from supervillains. Would you really want a villain as a best friend though? I feel like one wrong move and you could end up as fodder for the diabolical plan. Hmm.

Key of the Sunken Moon: Chapter 7 100%
True Star: Chapter 82
True Star: Chapter 83

101 Ways of Surviving a Cliffhanger

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Hey guys! We come bearing treats on the first of November. We have a chapter of Gong Hua and two chapters of True Star for you. They might not be as sweet as Halloween candies but they sure make an entertaining read. Oh, I’ll warn you right now, there’s a cliffhanger in chapter 81 of True Star. Haha, that might be our trick in “trick or treat” for this year. Did everyone have a good Halloween? Go trick or treating (cough*candy extortion*cough)?

As for the poll, King of the World was first up until a few days ago, then Supervillain came up and stole its place. We also had a considerable amount of Art Thieves and Pirates. 18 of you wanted to be a part time cheesecake. Nice, nice. Don’t get eaten during your time as an unsuspecting cheesecake, for example, by readers who are incensed by a cliffhanger. Haha.

That’s all for this time!

Gong Hua: Chapter 6
True Star: Chapter 80
True Star: Chapter 81

Ways to be a Narcissist

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We have another part of Fan Tong and two chapters of Ti Shen for you guys today. This chapter of Fan Tong is almost done, that’s faster than how long we took to release all of chapter six. I swear we’ll complete volume two soon. Hopefully, before the end of this year.

Anyways, most of you chose to be spectators in the last poll. Not many of you chose to be detectives. No Sherlocks among us here? I’m surprised, I rather like mysteries. 18 of you chose to be the beloved pet, the easy life, huh? XD The new poll is up! There’s really no theme to this one. I just wrote up a bunch of answers I thought of on the moment.

We’ll be back in November.

Key of the Sunken Moon: Chapter 7 90%
Ti Shen: Chapter 35
Ti Shen: Chapter 36

Magnificently Riding on a Pony

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We’re back with one chapter of Gong Hua and two chapters of True Star! In these new chapters, we have Tang Feng musing on the different heights of horses and Gong Hua instructing us on how to prepare medicine from hair. Interesting, right? Also, as you can see, we’ve updated the theme of our website. A lot of you seem to prefer a darker theme, worry not, we’ve made it so you can choose between a light or a dark theme. All you have to do is scroll down and look under the chatbox for the theme selections.

Anyways, we apparently have a lot of rebels among us here. In total, we had 123 rebels and 74 dead bodies. The rest of you decided to serve supernatural factions with demigods being the most popular and elves coming in next. I’m kind of surprised ghouls only had six votes considering how popular Tokyo Ghoul is these days. Then again, traditional ghouls are very creepy. From now on, new polls will be to the right of the front page posts. Thinking about it, my polls are really weird…

We’ll be back on the 15th!

Gong Hua: Chapter 5
True Star: Chapter 78
True Star: Chapter 79

Demon Mask and Discussion Board

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We’re back with another part of KSM and two chapters of True Star. The format for True Star 076 is kind of weird as I tried to arrange it like a discussion board. If it’s hard to read or just looks plain awful, leave a comment and I’ll switch it back to the normal format. That being said, there will be a Gong Hua chapter next time! Look forward to it.

As for the poll, charms and transfiguration were battling for first place, but ultimately charms won with 87 votes total. Potions and defense against the dark arts tied for third with 64 votes each. Not many people voted for herbology and muggle studies. No one likes mangdragoras? I have to admit they are a bit creepy. The new poll is up!

See you guys next month!

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