Chen Yue Zhi Yao

Ti Shen

Chapter 10: That Night

True Star

When Trying to Act Cool, Don’t Scare Your Onlookers

On September 15, 2017, Posted by , In Updates, With No Comments

Due to procrastination on my part, we only have one chapter for you guys today. And it’s a Ti Shen chapter. Do I hear some hearts cracking in the background at the lack of True Star? >:D Hahaha. After this chapter, I have to say I really appreciate the fact that we have names to refer to ourselves. Having to use “the man,” “the other,” “the other man,” and “the man with X,” to describe someone for an entire chapter is truly tiring. If you can’t figure out who’s who, then I apologize. Maybe I’ll make up my own names next time. I’ll use “The man who’s obviously Ran Feng Ge, but to be mysterious we have to refer to him as The Man for an entire chapter.” Well, at least that could be his moniker for when he decides to be a superhero. Haha

For those of you who’ve emailed me, don’t worry, I’ll get to them. Life is just a bit busy right now. That’s all for this time!

Ti Shen: Chapter 10

Serious Conversations Occur in Bathrooms

On September 1, 2017, Posted by , In Updates, With 4 Comments

Hi guys, happy September! We have two True Star chapters for you today, in which we follow the adventures of Tang Feng and his pet bear again. It’s two fun chapters, so enjoy! There is also more cussing in these two chapters than in all the other chapters combined, so much that it was quite strange typing out those words. Maybe that’s just Charles’ gentleman persona rubbing off on me.

On another note, school has started again, so releases will probably come later in the day. No promises on what chapters we can release each time. My schedule looks kinda like hell. 😱 In any case, we’ll see you next time!

True Star: Chapter 15
True Star: Chapter 16

Cooking Up Some Unknown Matter

On August 15, 2017, Posted by , In Updates, With 1 Comment

We’re back with two True Star chapters. That should be enough to tide you over, right? I have to say, while translating this, half of Charles’ lines gave me second-hand embarrassment. It’s like he’s putting on an one-man show 24/7. He’s the protagonist, antagonist, love interest, and fussy mother-in-law all at the same time. Since when has he become so cringeworthy? The bear is out of control. But the contents of these two chapters are pretty funny. Enjoy!

We’ll see you in September! 😀

True Star: Chapter 13
True Star: Chapter 14

A Mop Makes the Best Wife (^・ω・^ )

On August 1, 2017, Posted by , In Updates, With 1 Comment

So uh, super late release today. Did you guys lose hope? Hahaha. So after six months, we finally have another KSM chapter ready. It’d been translated a long time ago, we’re just really behind with proofreading, and everything else. 😅 We also have a True Star chapter, just one. Today’s also not the day for True Star fans. Fate simply didn’t arrange it that way. Now I sound like Albert. In any case, enjoy!

Anyone who wants to join send me an email at nannvalle@gmail.com. I’m not sure how often Nuddle checks the group email, so if you haven’t gotten a reply in months, that might be why.

As for the poll, Lu Tian Chen came in first with 130 votes. Wow, that’s a lot of votes for a cold iceberg. Charles came in second, but Lu Tian Chen practically doubled his votes. Charles really is losing in popularity now. Well, he is a stubborn, perverted bear. Haha. We’ll try to be back with more chapters next time!

Key of the Sunken Moon: Chapter 6
True Star: Chapter 12

Let’s All Be a Multi-faceted Person ;)

On July 15, 2017, Posted by , In Updates, With 4 Comments

We’re back with some True Star and Ti Shen. Just one chapter of each, I’m afraid. Hopefully, that’s enough to tide you over. If not, well, maybe next time. Patience is a virtue! :D

Speaking of which, we could really use some more translators and proofreaders. Otherwise, we really might be defunct in a couple months. Come help us! You don’t want to still be reading True Star while you’re in your 80s, right?

True Star: Chapter 11
Ti Shen: Chapter 9

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