Chen Yue Zhi Yao

Ti Shen

Let’s All Be a Multi-faceted Person ;)

On July 15, 2017, Posted by , In Updates, With 4 Comments

We’re back with some True Star and Ti Shen. Just one chapter of each, I’m afraid. Hopefully, that’s enough to tide you over. If not, well, maybe next time. Patience is a virtue! :D

Speaking of which, we could really use some more translators and proofreaders. Otherwise, we really might be defunct in a couple months. Come help us! You don’t want to still be reading True Star while you’re in your 80s, right?

True Star: Chapter 11
Ti Shen: Chapter 9

Biscuits Are the Key to Solving World Problems

On July 1, 2017, Posted by , In Updates, With 1 Comment

Hi guys! Sorry for the late update. After six months, we finally have another chapter of Gong Hua for you guys. Trying to translate 15 pages during the semester is an impossible task. That’s why there was such a long wait. Anyways, enjoy!

That’s all we have for this time. Yup, that’s it… I can already hear people screaming in anguish at the lack of True Star, and Ti Shen. Alas, your neighborhood translator hasn’t looked at anything besides Gong Hua since May. Maybe next time. :)

Gong Hua: Chapter 2

No Updates on 6/15

On June 13, 2017, Posted by , In Updates, With No Comments

Hi guys. We don’t have anything ready at the moment, so we won’t be able to release anything on the 15th. I got too excited at the idea of vacation that I haven’t gotten much done these past few days. We’ll be back next time. Thanks!

‘Tis Only a Warm Up

On June 1, 2017, Posted by , In Updates, With 1 Comment

Hi guys, happy June! We have two True Star chapters for you today. Finals are over (at least for me), so hopefully that means we’ll have more time to translate and proofread now. :D We’ve been racing against the deadline multiple times this year. Haha. In any case, things get pretty heated in these two chapters. ;)

Looking at the poll, Lu Tian Chen seems to be in the lead right now. When we had the poll last time, Charles had won without any questions, so it’s interesting to see the change this time around. Haha, the iceberg might not be so icy after all. That’s all for this time!

True Star: Chapter 9
True Star: Chapter 10

To Be “Cute,” Refer to Yourself in Third Person

On May 15, 2017, Posted by , In Updates, With 1 Comment

Hi guys, super-duper late release today. Well, it’s still the 15th in some places, so I can say with confidence that this release is on the 15th. Haha. We have two True Star chapters for you today. Like all recent chapters, they were translated at the last minute, which is why the release is so late. The urge to slack off at the end of the semester is too great to overcome. Anyways, enjoy!

I’ve noticed that a few people are interested in giving us a helping hand. That’s great! But you still have to take the proofreading and translation tests, which can be found under the About tab. Not so great. After that, all you have to do is email us. :)

As for the poll that’s been sitting there unashamedly for the past few months, most of you chose yes. Haha, I would push the button too. Who cares what happens afterwards. >:D For this time, we’re bringing back an old poll on True Star. I feel like after 100-something chapters, the results would have changed a little. Though to be honest, I was just lazy and didn’t come up with a new poll…

That’s all for this time!

True Star: Chapter 7
True Star: Chapter 8

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