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Chapter 2: Obstacle (1)

How to Be Stylish In a Potato Sack

On February 15, 2017, Posted by , In Updates, With No Comments

Hi guys! How was Valentine’s? Did you guys enjoy some chocolate? If not, then you can enjoy reading the True Star chapter we have for you today. We only have one chapter ready for release today. This semester has been unnaturally busy so far, I can’t help but think this is a bad omen. We’ll try to get back to the normal three-chapter releases soon. It’ll happen. Eventually.

As for the poll, dark chocolate seems to be the favorite among you guys. I’ve tried matcha chocolate a few times. It’s certainly a taste you have to get used to, but it didn’t taste bad. Though I have seen some strange ingredients in chocolate around. Like the ones that have pepper in them, or even wasabi. Why would anyone want to put wasabi in chocolate? 😱 I’ll never understand. Anyways, that’s all for this time. See you in March. Time sure is passing fast.

True Star: Chapter 2

Don’t Ask Me If I Have the Determination to Translate for a Thousand Years

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Hi guys! So, ah, after a couple of months, we are finally back with a KSM chapter. I wonder if we broke the record for the longest gap between chapters for this series. Haha, we sure are slow. Does it help to know that we already have the next chapter translated? Maybe? In any case, that’s all we have for this time. All of you waiting for True Star and Ti Shen will probably have to come back next time. We’ll get working on them ASAP. ☺

That’s all for this time! We’ll be back the day after Valentine’s. Don’t eat too much chocolate.

P.S. After starting the new semester, I feel like I’ve turned into an idiot because I’ve already forgotten some of the things we learned last semester. This can’t be good.

Key of the Sunken Moon: Chapter 5

Temptation Is the Downfall of a Good Diet

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Hi guys! Sorry, late release today. Let’s start off the second half of January with some True Star and Gong Hua. I’m sure you’re all tired of hearing this by now, but the True Star chapter is unproofread. Password is pie. As we’re moving into the VIP chapters for True Star, they are now longer in length and thus take longer to translate. There is no guarantee that you’ll see a True Star chapter next time, so be prepared! It’s not a threat. It’s reality. 😫

For those of you who have emailed us about joining, if you haven’t gotten a reply, try emailing me at nannvalle@gmail.com. Nuddle’s in charge of checking the group email, and I have no idea how often she does it, so I can’t help you there. Psst, we could use some proofreaders too, but translators are more important right now. Preferably ones who don’t disappear on us.

As for the poll, most of you chose all of the above. Hahaha, you guys have a good sense of humor. 😁 That’s all for this time. We’ll see you in February!

Gong Hua: Chapter 1
True Star: Chapter 1

Happy 2017!

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Happy New Year! May you get all your wishes granted in 2017!

We’re back with some long overdue chapters of Ti Shen. Short chapters, but the chapters never get really long in this series unlike True Star. Since I totaled up the chapters for True Star last time, I’ll do it for Ti Shen too. There are 238 chapters for the main story, plus nine extras. At 52 translated chapters, we are 22% of the way through the main story. Ahhh, the prospects for this one look even worse than True Star. The offer for a dedicated translator for this series is still up in the air. Anybody want to join? 😁

The chapters are unproofread, so you’ll have to use pie for a bit longer. Let me emphasize that, password is pie. They’ll get proofread eventually. Hopefully. That’s all for this time!

Ti Shen: Chapter 4
Ti Shen: Chapter 5

Merry Christmas!

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Merry Christmas! And Happy Holidays to everyone who don’t celebrate Christmas!

Today, we have the last chapter of the first volume of True Star for you guys. We have succeeded in the mad dash to finish the first volume before the year ends! With six days to spare! Haha, that was close. Applause! FYI, the other group members haven’t even seen this chapter yet, so this really is a Christmas surprise. I’m sure most of you know it by know, but the password is pie. This chapter isn’t as long as the last one, but it’s still better than the normal length. Enjoy your read!

One thing, I’ve noticed that Novel Updates list True Star as having 2182 chapters. O.O That is not true! If it had 2182 chapters, all of us translators and proofreaders would die before it gets finished. The main story has 317 chapters. If you add on the extras, it comes to 342 chapters. At 128 translated chapters, we are 40% through the main story. Only 40%? Sigh, when will this end? XD Having said that, if anyone’s capable of changing it on Novel Updates, go ahead and do it. I’ll give you a cookie.

That’s all for this time! Enjoy the holidays. Don’t eat too much food. Santa is looking at each and every one of you. We’ll be back on the New Year! At least, I hope we have something to release on the New Year.

True Star: Chapter 128

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