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No Updates on 6/15

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Hi guys. We don’t have anything ready at the moment, so we won’t be able to release anything on the 15th. I got too excited at the idea of vacation that I haven’t gotten much done these past few days. We’ll be back next time. Thanks!

‘Tis Only a Warm Up

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Hi guys, happy June! We have two True Star chapters for you today. Finals are over (at least for me), so hopefully that means we’ll have more time to translate and proofread now. :D We’ve been racing against the deadline multiple times this year. Haha. In any case, things get pretty heated in these two chapters. ;)

Looking at the poll, Lu Tian Chen seems to be in the lead right now. When we had the poll last time, Charles had won without any questions, so it’s interesting to see the change this time around. Haha, the iceberg might not be so icy after all. That’s all for this time!

True Star: Chapter 9
True Star: Chapter 10

Chapter 10: Warm Up

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The filming for today had wrapped up smoothly. Staff members who were still single were discussing where they should go for dinner. Married individuals like Director Li Wei had rejected their offer to eat together and were heading home to eat with their family.

“Tang Feng, let’s go eat.” Gino walked out of his trailer after changing and taking off his makeup. Seeing that Tang Feng was half-way into a car, he quickly called out to the actor.

Tang Feng waved at Gino without turning his head. He got into the car and said, “No, I have things to do tonight. See you tomorrow.”

The car started, leaving behind a trail of white dust.

Gino sighed and stuffed his hands into his pockets. He stared in the direction Tang Feng had left, not moving for a long while. Somewhat irritated, he kicked at the pebbles in front of his feet. He still remembered what he had seen at Tang Feng’s apartment two days ago, but he didn’t believe that there was anything between Tang Feng and Lu Tian Chen. Even though in the entertainment industry where fame was everything, it was common for celebrities to have questionable ties to their bosses.

But he knew Tang Feng wasn’t that sort of person. He wasn’t the type to sell his body for the chance to act.

Tang Feng didn’t want to admit that he was avoiding Gino. Maybe it was because the Gino that he knew now was different from the Gino he knew then. It could also be because he was startled at the sudden closeness in their relationship. But in the end, only he himself knew the true reason.

While filming, he was required to be intimate with Gino. He wasn’t an idiot. Although Lu Tian Chen and Charles hadn’t said anything, he could tell whether someone was happy or sad based on their actions. As long as it was work-related, then his intimacy with Gino was understandable. However, being close off screen as well could easily lead people’s minds astray.

Compared to before, Lu Tian Chen and Charles were focusing more attention on him. It wasn’t related to love; it definitely didn’t mean that the other two had suddenly fallen in love with him. It was much simpler, like a pet you’d raised for years suddenly started sticking to someone else instead. Anyone would be uncomfortable at the change.

If one didn’t want any trouble, then it was best to avoid all possible sources of trouble.

Two days ago, Lu Tian Chen had filled Tang Feng’s closet with his own clothes. Ever since then, he had been sleeping with Tang Feng in the same room. Often, when Tang Feng came home from filming, Lu Tian Chen was home as well. They would eat dinner together and chat about their day.

Afterwards, Tang Feng would go to an empty room and practice his lines in front of the mirror. Lu Tian Chen would go to his study and take care of his own work. During this time, neither of them would bother the other. Around nine or ten at night, they would meet back up at the living room. They would watch TV and chat again. Occasionally, they’d go to a bar or for a walk outside.

Such an orderly life sometimes gave Tang Feng a strange feeling, but this type of life didn’t last long.

It was another evening. After watching TV for a while, Tang Feng and Lu Tian Chen went back to their own rooms to shower. Usually, after Tang Feng meandered back into the room from his long shower, Lu Tian Chen would already be sitting on the bed with a book in hand. Tonight was the same, except for one detail.

“If my eyes aren’t deceiving me, is that my script?” Tang Feng walked over while rubbing his hair with a towel. He climbed onto the bed from the other side. Walking on all fours, he appeared like a giant cat. His slow and awkward movements drew Lu Tian Chen’s eyes.

Seeing that the other was staring at him, Tang Feng rubbed his face with a hand. “What is it? Do I still have stubble on my face?”

“Yup, you missed a spot.” Lu Tian Chen reached over and rubbed a spot on Tang Feng’s face, despite it being completely clean.

Calmly, Lu Tian Chen rubbed the actor’s face again. He then lowered his head and continued looking at the marked-up script. The pages were filled with Tang Feng’s handwriting. For some scenes, Tang Feng had even used three different colors to outline three different ways of acting it out. When it came to the real thing, Tang Feng would choose the best out of the three to act.

Lu Tian Chen knew Tang Feng was a hard worker. Back in China, aside from work, Tang Feng had spent all his extra time on reading or practicing martial arts. Now faced with the meticulous notes Tang Feng had made on the script, Lu Tian Chen felt that he had never understood the actor.

He hadn’t before, but now he was slowly understanding Tang Feng bit by bit.

“Is there a kiss scene tomorrow?” Lu Tian Chen asked.

“That’s right.” And the one getting kissed was Tang Feng himself.

Always running away, Tang would finally be forced to face Chris’ feelings. The kiss scene would be the most important scene tomorrow. As the director wanted the scene to feel fresh and real, he and Gino hadn’t practiced at all.

“Like this?” Without giving Tang Feng the chance to reply, Lu Tian Chen leaned sideways and pulled the actor into his arms.

Tang Feng was a bit shocked when he felt the kiss on his lips. During the time they’d been living together, Lu Tian Chen had never made a move on him. The force of the kiss forced him back onto the sheets, falling into a sea of white blankets.

Placing a hand on Lu Tian Chen’s wrist, Tang Feng tried to avoid the other’s lips. Unfortunately, Lu Tian Chen didn’t plan on letting him get away. After forcing the actor onto the sheets, Lu Tian Chen came crashing down, meeting Tang Feng chest to chest. The scent of shower gel and cologne mixed together and filled the air. Kissed breathless, Tang Feng opened his mouth to breathe. Grasping onto the opening like a cheetah, Lu Tian Chen forced his tongue past Tang Feng’s teeth and invaded the latter’s mouth.

“Umph¾” The whole thing had happened too fast for Tang Feng to resist. He tried pushing at Lu Tian Chen, but the president wasn’t a pushover like Su Qi Cheng. Lu Tian Chen had undergone extensive training. He wasn’t the type that Tang Feng could easily push or kick aside.

Lu Tian Chen held down Tang Feng’s limbs, removing all possibilities of him escaping. He continued to kiss Tang Feng ferociously, as if wanting to swallow the man whole.

Quickened breaths filled the room, along with the sound of shifting sheets and bodies.

It definitely wasn’t the first time that Tang Feng had kissed someone. It also wasn’t the first time that he’d had such a passionate kiss. But it was his first time being crushed from head to toe while being kissed breathless. He couldn’t move any of his limbs, heightening his other senses such as hearing and touch.

He could hear Lu Tian Chen’s heavy breaths beside his ear, mixed along with his own. Their chests together, he could hear their hearts thumping erratically. When their dissimilar heartbeats gradually melded into one and thumped in time together, Tang Feng could feel the sound magnified in his ears. Quickly, the sound overtook and controlled his entire world.

They could have kissed for half a minute, but it could also have been five minutes long.

When Lu Tian Chen released Tang Feng, the actor had his eyes closed. His lips were wet from the kiss and shone with a pearly sheen under the light. His eyelashes trembled in time with his rapid breaths. Lu Tian Chen bent down and kissed Tang Feng on the lips again.

“What is this?” Tang Feng opened his eyes; a pair of eyes that always made others unable to look away.

“A warm up.” Lu Tian Chen’s voice was gentler than usual, but his tone was even. If not for the fact that his chest was rising heavily, it would be difficult to tell that he had been embroiled in a passionate kiss just a moment ago.

Tang Feng narrowed his eyes and inspected the man above him suspiciously.

“Are you planning to lie on top of me all night? Or do you really think…that I believe that joke of yours?” Tang Feng applied a bit more force and tried to push Lu Tian Chen off.

“Then why do you think I did this?” Once again holding his place, Lu Tian Chen grabbed Tang Feng’s hands and held them tightly. Their proximity allowed them both to feel the heat rising off their bodies. With time, the temperature only rose higher, soon the room seem to have been suffused with the scent of a blaze.

As an old fox, Tang Feng shouldn’t be panicking, but he couldn’t help but feel as if Lu Tian Chen was trying to see into his soul with his piercing gaze.

“Why don’t you tell me yourself?”

“You’re seducing me.”

Tang Feng burst into laughter at Lu Tian Chen’s reply. What was the man saying? Since when had he tried to seduce Lu Tian Chen?

“No I’m not. President Lu, try to curb your narcissism.” Tang Feng laughed again, the intimate atmosphere in the room immediately dissipating with his laughter.

“How can you not be when you’re Tang Feng? You used to be infatuated with me, to the point that you would accept the deal Charles had offered in order to make me jealous. Right now as well, you deliberately act like you’re close with Charles and Gino, while distancing yourself from me. You’re doing it to make me feel miserable.”

“No, I haven’t done any of that.” Lu Tian Chen was definitely overthinking the problem.

“If you haven’t, then who are you? Would a person completely turn into someone else just from amnesia?”

“I’m Tang Feng.” Tang Feng wasn’t scared. He gazed at Lu Tian Chen and enunciated his words clearly. “I am Tang Feng. You might not understand it, but that doesn’t mean it’s a lie.”


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Translator: Nannyn

Chapter 9: Acting Together for the First Time

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“I asked him if he had anyone he liked, like how Daddy likes Mommy.” The devilish girl blinked mischievously. Winding her arms around Albert’s shoulders, she stuck out her tongue playfully.

“That was a smart question. How did he reply?” Albert was unperturbed by how Annie had phrased her question. He was unmarried; the so-called “love between Daddy and Mommy” was inapplicable in his case. He simply needed a child. That was the only reason.

He had no idea who Annie’s birth mother was. There was no need for Annie to know either.

“He said he didn’t like anyone.”

“What did you ask after that?” Albert was unsurprised by his daughter’s reply; he had already expected that to be the answer. And he was right.

“I asked what type of person he likes. Daddy, his answer is so stupid.” Annie wrinkled her nose. She deepened her voice and said in a tone that resembled Tang Feng’s, “‘Hmm, for appearance, it’s fine as long as I like how they look. As for character, I hope they would be a kind person. Someone with a sunny outlook on life. I also hope they have the same values as me.’”

Annie had relayed Tang Feng’s answer word for word. The gentle and mature tone she had taken while reciting was at odds with her young appearance, making it a quite comical display.

“A kind person with a sunny outlook on life…” Albert chuckled coldly. “Haha, what a foolish man. An idealist to the end. I can’t help but be worried for you. Like Esmeralda, will you fall in love with someone you shouldn’t?”

Most people would never believe that a four-and-a-half-year-old child could lie to an adult. The obvious reason was because most people carried a friendly outlook on life, choosing to believe in the positives instead of the negatives.

Similarly, the kind people residing at the seaside church in Ireland would never choose to be suspicious of the new monk from the east. He had carried the ashes of the old priest all the way home by himself. He was dusty and shaken from his long journey. Even after arriving, he had yet to speak a single word. Everyone simply assumed that the monk named Tang was especially avid to his holy cause.

Tang had arrived at the strange and remote land during a rainstorm in the night.

Thunder clashed and roared in the dark sky above. The man who appeared shrunken in his black robes clutched a dried branch in his hand as a crutch. His shoes sank into the soft mud underneath with every step he took. He felt as if the ground was trying to swallow his legs. Who was that clutching at his heels below the ground? Was it the devil from hell?

He didn’t know, but he was alarmed. He felt cold from the top of his head to the ends of his toes. And hunger ate at him constantly from the inside.

Bean-sized raindrops fell unrelentingly from the sky and splattered onto his hood and shoulders. His robes were completely drenched. Luckily, the fabric was black. If it had been a lighter color, it would have already been dyed a dirty grey by all the mud and filth that had collected on the fabric.

The rain had been falling for five days, and he had also been walking in the rain for five days. He couldn’t turn back now. The only thing he could do was walk, walk without ever stopping…

He rearranged the thin robes around him and tied the urn of ashes around his stomach using a piece of cloth. He could better protect the urn this way and prevent it from colliding against something and breaking apart.

After stepping on his journey to this foreign land, Tang had relied on written words to relay his intents: what he wanted, where he wanted to go, which road he should take.

Kind individuals he met on the road would give him food and water. They praised him for his staunch character as a monk who had given the entirety of his life to God. People assumed that he didn’t speak because he had devoted his everything to God. They were surprised to learn that such a dedicated monk came from the far east.

Heavens, he had walked for so long, only chasing after the guidance and footsteps of God.

Tang made no efforts to dissuade people’s assumptions about him. He was glad that he was unable to speak. He hadn’t lost the ability to speak; he simply wasn’t allowed to speak. The people of his original church had made him promise that he wouldn’t utter a single word for fifty years. Additionally, he had to write down the doctrines of God every day and commit the words to heart.

They forced him to leave the land he had grown up in to bring the old priest’s ashes to this foreign place.

Tang didn’t feel hurt or hopeless due to the harsh punishment, he was even happy. The new land he had come to was far away from his homeland. The disgusting and shameless crime he had committed there would never reach the ears of the people here. He didn’t ask for much anymore. He didn’t have the courage to attempt anything that would turn him away from God’s teachings. He only wanted to pass the fifty years he had left in peace and quiet in a small church somewhere.

Due to hunger and exhaustion, Tang fell onto the muddy path. Before losing consciousness, he looked one last time at the sky above him. It was dark and heavy like the black robes he wore. The sky seemed to inch ever closer to him, becoming an icy and impermeable black cloth that gradually enveloped him.

You are an embarrassment to God…

Monk, you have committed a dirty crime. Your punishment is to keep your voice to yourself for fifty years. You will bear the consequences of your crime!

Tang took a deep breath and abruptly opened his eyes. He sat up with a pale face. His black eyes glittered with the light of the stars, appearing on the verge of shattering at any moment. They were eyes of helplessness, pain, and repentance.

“You’re awake.” A weak ray of sunlight shot into the room from the wooden window. A blond-haired man was sitting next to the young monk. When Tang looked at him, the blond-haired man revealed a brilliant smile. Like the sun, the smile pierced Tang’s eyes and he instinctively recoiled from the pain. Compared to the blond man, he was the mud bubbling in the mire, dirty and dark.

“I don’t know if you can understand me, but you’d fainted by the sea. The priest had saved you. God have mercy, you are alive. A moment later, you would have died and been swallowed by the sea god.” The blond man smiled again. Despite his sincerity, Tang couldn’t figure out what he was saying exactly.

Tang decided to stay silent and listen instead. “We found a letter on you. Luckily, it’d been wrapped tightly or it’d have been soaked by the water. We know you’re a monk from the east. We thank you for bringing Priest Dolen’s ashes back. The head priest has already given his permission for you to stay. Tang, will you stay?”

Tang lowered his head, his eyes unfocused. He knew of the letter the other man was talking about. Heavens, the letter had been written by the people of his original church. It detailed the crime he had committed. During his journey through Europe, he had thrown the letter into the ocean. The letter the young monk had read belonged to his own hand.

He couldn’t calm the panic within his heart, rendering himself all the more weakened and pitiful on the outside.

“You seem frightened. Don’t worry, you’ll be fine. We know you were close to Priest Dolen. Everyone sees you as a friend here.” The young monk leaned toward Tang. Their close proximity allowed Tang to clearly see the other’s features. The blond man was handsome and had a pair of blue eyes that shone like gems.

Among Europeans, the young monk should be quite handsome. At that, Tang was shocked that such a dirty thought had crossed his mind again. He couldn’t, he couldn’t make another mistake.

Tang quickly lowered his head and nodded, indicating that he had understood.

The blond man chuckled beside his ear, his warm breath brushing lightly against Tang’s cheeks. “My name is Chris. Although you can’t speak, I hope that one day I can hear you call my name.” Chris paused, and continued in a low voice, “Do all Easterners have eyes like yours? They are beautiful. They are the most beautiful eyes…I have ever seen, Tang.”

Chris. Tang mumbled the name to himself, over and over.

He felt a warmth spread within his chest and a strange feeling pervade his body. Perhaps everything would turn out to be all right. Quickly, Tang recovered his health and officially joined the seaside church. Everyone welcomed him, but aside from the initial curiosity of seeing a foreigner, most people left him alone.

To Tang, that was a good thing. He was glad that he couldn’t speak. That way, he could avoid accidentally saying ugly words to people.

There was an exception to this: the monk called Chris. He’d heard others say that Chris was extremely intelligent. A small church by the seaside wasn’t enough to satisfy him. Very soon, Chris would be going to a bigger town to further his studies.

When he’d first waken up, it took Tang a while to realize that he was completely naked under the bedsheets. He grabbed onto the sheets and glanced around the room in panic for his dirty and ripped black robes.

“Your robes are beyond repair. The head priest told me to prepare another set for you,” said Chris. He then smiled. “I’d taken off your clothes for you. I’d also wiped down your body.”

Tang did his best to ignore the teasing in Chris’ eyes as he spoke. These past few days, he could feel Chris’ eyes trailing behind him wherever he walked. But Chris never spoke with him, only gazing at him while standing far away.

What a strange person.

“Cut! Very good!” the director yelled. Tang Feng’s first scene with Gino had passed smoothly.

Wearing matching monk robes, Tang Feng and Gino looked at each other and smiled at the same time. It seemed that discussing the script two days ago had been a good idea.


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Translator: Nannyn

To Be “Cute,” Refer to Yourself in Third Person

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Hi guys, super-duper late release today. Well, it’s still the 15th in some places, so I can say with confidence that this release is on the 15th. Haha. We have two True Star chapters for you today. Like all recent chapters, they were translated at the last minute, which is why the release is so late. The urge to slack off at the end of the semester is too great to overcome. Anyways, enjoy!

I’ve noticed that a few people are interested in giving us a helping hand. That’s great! But you still have to take the proofreading and translation tests, which can be found under the About tab. Not so great. After that, all you have to do is email us. :)

As for the poll that’s been sitting there unashamedly for the past few months, most of you chose yes. Haha, I would push the button too. Who cares what happens afterwards. >:D For this time, we’re bringing back an old poll on True Star. I feel like after 100-something chapters, the results would have changed a little. Though to be honest, I was just lazy and didn’t come up with a new poll…

That’s all for this time!

True Star: Chapter 7
True Star: Chapter 8

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