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Chapter 8: Little Annie

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Seeing that the girl was alone, Tang Feng walked over and kneeled in front of her. Looking at her eye to eye, he said in a gentle voice, “Hi, I’m Tang Feng. What are you doing here alone?”

The little girl stared at him with her tear-streaked face. Far away, the girl’s eyes had appeared black, but kneeling right in front of her, Tang Feng could see that her eyes were actually brown. Her large eyes were filled with tears. Blinking at Tang Feng, the tears in her eyes overflowed and streaked down her cheeks. “Daddy’s gone. Annie and Daddy lost each other.” Like her appearance, her childishly high voice was also adorable.

The park wasn’t big. The girl’s father was probably looking for her right this moment. Tang Feng thought he could probably help her find her father as well.

Tang Feng comforted the child and soon she started laughing. While he was happy that she wasn’t crying anymore, he was also worried that she had opened up to a stranger so quickly. If someone with ill intentions had come across her instead, she would surely have been kidnapped. Forget it. This conversation could be saved for when he comes across Annie’s father.

If the girl’s father noticed that his daughter was gone, he should be retracing his steps right now. Rather than running all over the park, it would be smarter for them to stay right where they were. Tang Feng sat with the little girl on one of the park benches and waited together with her.

Annie was adorable. Although she was young, her looks were as delicate as a Barbie doll’s. Westerners were all rather adorable at a young age, but it was rare to come across a child as beautiful as Annie. Her parents were definitely attractive people as well. Judging from the clothes she was wearing, her family was also quite well-off.

“Annie, do you remember where you lost your daddy?”

“There were a lot of people, then Annie couldn’t find Daddy anymore. Mister, can you help Annie find him?” Annie grabbed onto Tang Feng’s wrist.

“Of course.” Tang Feng smiled at her.

Looking at Annie, he was reminded of himself. It was hard for him not to pity her. As he had lived a loveless childhood, after growing up, he couldn’t resist the tenderness that welled up inside him whenever he saw a detached or frail child. To keep Annie calm, Tang Feng tried talking with her. “Annie, what games do you like to play?”

The girl raised her hand and said excitedly, “I like playing Truth or Dare with Daddy the most. Mister, you can play with Annie too! Annie will start first!”

“Okay,” Tang Feng agreed.

“Mister, do you have someone you like? Like how Daddy likes Mommy.” Annie blinked her big eyes at Tang Feng. Her innocent appearance prevented Tang Feng from guessing at the meaning of her question.

“Ah…Not right now,” Tang Feng answered after thinking for a bit.

There were people he was interested in, but it was too soon to talk about having a serious relationship with anyone. Tang Feng would never lie to a child, so he spoke the truth.

“It’s my turn now. How old are you Annie?”

“Annie’s four and a half.” Annie asked another question, “Mister, what type of person do you like?”

“What type of person do I like…” Tang Feng had never thought about it. He paused for a moment, and responded, “Hmm, for appearance, it’s fine as long as I like how they look. As for character, I hope they would be a kind person. Someone with a sunny outlook on life. I also hope they have the same values as me.”

“Mister, you’re such a good person. Can we be friends?”

“Of course, I would love to be friends with Annie.” Faced with an innocent child, Tang Feng couldn’t resist a smile. The world of adults was complicated and full of twists and turns. Only children could have such pure looks in their eyes; they were lovable at first glance.

“You have to pinkie promise!” Annie blinked and held out her pinkie, a look of excitement on her face.

“Okay, I pinky promise, for a hundred years.” Tang Feng rubbed Annie’s hair, smiling indulgently at her.

At that moment, they heard the anxious call of a man. “Annie! My god. Daddy finally found you.”

Looking at the man who had appeared at the edge of the thicket, Tang Feng stood up and pulled Annie along with him. The girl appeared a bit disgruntled. Tang Feng said quietly, “Annie, is he your daddy? Go to him.”

Keeping her head down, a look of despise flashed across Annie’s eyes. When she looked up, only innocence could be found again. She looked at Tang Feng, and then at the man who was running toward her. Finally, she chose to run to her father.

“Daddy, you’re awful! You’ve only found me now!” While running, Annie yelled out loud.

“Yes, it’s all Daddy’s fault. Annie, please don’t be angry with Daddy, okay?” Catching his daughter in a hug, the man smiled at Tang Feng. “Thank you for taking care of my daughter.”

“It’s not a problem. I’m glad to help.”

Tang Feng then conversed a bit more with Annie’s father. He expressed his worry and hoped that Annie’s father could take care of the little girl better. He should teach Annie that it wasn’t right to talk with strangers so easily. The purpose of instilling vigilance in Annie wasn’t to destroy her innocence, but to raise her guard as a child who was incapable of defending herself.

As Annie wanted to be friends with him, Tang Feng ended up giving them his address and phone number as well before they left.

When Lu Tian Chen came to find him, Annie and her father were just leaving.

“Who are they?” Looking at the retreating figures, Lu Tian Chen frowned. He wasn’t too happy at the moment. Someone had brushed against his car in the parking lot just now, because of that, he had wasted so much time. Glancing at the father-daughter pair, Lu Tian Chen instinctively felt that something was off.

“They are Little Annie and her father.” Tang Feng quickly recounted the details of their encounter to Lu Tian Chen.

“They look like a strange pair. You should be wary of them. Don’t regard everybody around you as friends,” Lu Tian Chen concluded bluntly.

Was this youngster who wasn’t even thirty trying to educate an old fox like him? Tang Feng objected to Lu Tian Chen’s warning. Annie was an adorable child. He could believe it if it were an adult in question, but an innocent child couldn’t have any ulterior motives.

Moreover, he didn’t have any money, power, or enemies at the moment. He was also in America. Who would chase him all the way to America to take revenge on him?

Su Qi Cheng? That was impossible. Charles had emphasized that Su Qi Cheng wouldn’t dare touch him anymore.

“You’re overthinking it. Annie’s a little girl. Stop viewing her with your cruel businessman eyes.” Tang Feng was slightly unhappy. Lu Tian Chen was a good businessman, but that didn’t conflict with the fact that Tang Feng didn’t like parts of Lu Tian Chen’s personality. He didn’t have the right to critique the other, but he had the right to voice out his displeasure.

“Are you dissatisfied with me?”

“No, I simply think you can treat the people around you more kindly. Don’t think that every single person who’s trying to become closer to you has ill intentions.”

Lu Tian Chen chuckled coldly. “There are definitely people like that.”

“Would you uproot a whole garden of roses just because one had stung your hand?” Tang Feng shot back. The world wasn’t perfect, but so what? Nothing was perfect. If people chose to focus on someone’s shortcomings instead of strengths, then it would bring them nothing other than suffering. There was an old saying: The world didn’t lack beauty, only the eyes to find it.

It was normal for people to be on guard against strangers, but going overboard wasn’t good.

Tang Feng thought Lu Tian Chen would argue back. Either that or the atmosphere would dwindle into awkward silence. But Lu Tian Chen merely glanced at him and said softly, “I was only worried about you.”

Tang Feng was suddenly speechless.

“Let’s go back after walking around for a bit.” Tang Feng forced out a sentence after a long while. Lu Tian Chen was going against the rules. He wasn’t used dealing with such a logical Lu Tian Chen.

“Okay, tell me more about what happened earlier. About your new friend, Little Annie.”

A black car was parked on the street opposite of the park. It couldn’t be a more common sight in America.

“Go away! You stupid pig!” A cute little girl yelled at the man who was holding her. The man placed her down on the ground and stepped away respectfully. The sight made numerous passersby glance at them. A bodyguard standing near the car pulled open the door to the backseat. The little girl immediately jumped in. Her face didn’t possess any of the innocence that had previously decorated it. Like a little devil, she revealed a proud smile, “Daddy, that Tang is so dumb. He believed everything I said.”

Leaning against the back of the seat, Albert placed down the wineglass he had in his hand. He spread his arms and said, “My little Annie is so smart.”

Annie rushed into his arms. Laughing, she leaned against Albert’s chest. “Daddy, I like him.”

“Is that so? Daddy is the same as Annie. Daddy also likes that dumb man.” Albert smiled at her. “Come, tell Daddy what you two did earlier. How did he respond to the questions Daddy had told you to ask?”


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Translator: Nannyn

Chapter 7: On Purpose

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“Did you forget that we had to kiss each other when we’d first met? Chris, I’m disappointed.” Tang Feng directed the conversation to a safe topic. To him, it was better to have a clear distinction between his private and public life. Even if he saw Gino as a friend, they weren’t close enough to be discussing deep topics such as life and love.

At Tang Feng’s prompting, a look of realization hit Gino. His eyes brightened and anticipation appeared on his face. “Ah, this is bad. I’m not ready to film this scene yet. When don’t we attempt it now and try to get a feel for it. This way, we’ll be able to pass easily when it comes to the actual take.”

“I don’t feel that way.” Tang Feng rejected Gino’s proposal. “The director said that we need to carry a sense of unfamiliarity and nervousness when we act out this scene. We need to be young and inexperienced, like an unripe green apple. If we practice, then we would be a red apple instead of a green one.”

“Come, come, Tang.” Gino wasn’t willing to give up.

“No, I refuse.” Tang Feng shook his head. He wasn’t opposed to becoming closer to Gino, but anything outside of work was unnecessary. It was enough for him to be able to act with Gino in films. In their private lives, they could only be friends. He didn’t want any of the troubles that came along with joking around intimately.

It was too commonplace for acting to turn into reality in the entertainment world. During the period of filming, the male and female lead of a movie could end up rolling around in the same bed despite having stable partners at home. It wasn’t anything new in Hollywood. But when an actor placed too much importance on his private life, it could easily affect the rest of his acting career.

Gino was powerless in the face of Tang Feng’s stubbornness. He finally raised his hands in defeat.

“You Chinese men are too old-fashioned!” Gino was a little indignant at his loss. “And here I thought I could get a kiss from you after making a meal for you. Tang Feng, you’re hurting my heart.”

“I’m not being old-fashioned. This is simply my personal value. All right, let’s end it here today. You can get lost now and go act cute with your girlfriend.”

“Is this jealousy I hear?” Gino’s response made Tang Feng speechless.

He glared at Gino. “You’re too in love with yourself.”

While they were arguing, someone opened the door to the apartment. When they looked up, they saw a handsome but cold man standing by the door. Seeing Tang Feng and Gino arguing together on the couch, the man blinked. He asked, “Tang Feng, a guest?”

“I’m going over the script with Gino.” Tang Feng frowned as Lu Tian Chen closed the door and walked inside. “Where did you go today?”

“I had something to take care of this morning. I didn’t mention it as I didn’t want to disturb you. Did you not notice the note that I’d left beside your bed?” Lu Tian Chen completely ignored Gino’s presence. He was only focused on Tang Feng.

“Oh, I didn’t see it.” Gino had woken him up this morning. Then he’d gone back to sleep and woke up to the smell of food. He didn’t look at the bedside table at all.

“Seems like I need to tape it to the bathroom mirror next time.” Lu Tian Chen smiled somewhat gently. He walked over to Tang Feng and hugged him. In a rare move, he joked, “Did you miss me?”

“Yup, I miss having you here to take care of the food bill.” Tang Feng smiled and hugged Lu Tian Chen back.

Lu Tian Chen replied, “That’s not a problem.” He then glanced at Gino, who was sitting with a complicated expression. Speaking like a master of the house, he asked, “Mr. Gino, you haven’t had dinner yet, right? Would you like to eat with us?”

Lu Tian Chen’s words made two points clear to Gino.

One: “Us” clearly referred to Lu Tian Chen and Tang Feng.

Two: “Would you like to eat with us” was clearly a polite way of telling him to leave. Otherwise, Lu Tian Chen would have phrased it as “come eat with us.”

“No, that’s all right. I have a date tonight,” Gino refused tactfully. He said goodbye to Tang Feng and Lu Tian Chen and left afterwards. During the whole process, Tang Feng didn’t raise a single word to keep Gino.

After Gino left, Lu Tian Chen walked to the stairs. While climbing up, he said, “It seems like he’s interested in you.”

Tang Feng chuckled and cleaned up the pile of papers that was on the table. He picked up the script and walked upstairs as well. “When an actor immerses himself too much in a script, they can become confused about their feelings. This is why when an actor cheats in a relationship, it’s usually with their co-actor.”

Cheating was common when people took their roles too far. Not only did they pull the characters from the script into their own lives, they would fall in love with the person they loved in the script.

Falling in love with someone else was quite easy. Sometimes, all it took was a second.

“Have you been drawn in by him yet?” Lu Tian Chen’s voice drifted out from behind a half-closed door.

“Not at the moment. Wait a second…” Tang Feng walked in after Lu Tian Chen. He watched as the man took off his shirt, exposing his toned upper body. When the president started reaching for his pants, Tang Feng raised his voice, “This is my bedroom. President Lu, yours is next door.”

Lu Tian Chen took off his pants and opened the closet. He pulled out a set of clothes that didn’t belong to Tang Feng.

“Right now, it’s also my bedroom.” Turning his back on Tang Feng, Lu Tian Chen started changing into the clean set of clothes.

“Why are your clothes inside my closet?’

“Because I put them there. That’s why they are in your closet.” Lu Tian Chen pulled on his pants and turned around while buttoning up his shirt. A slight smile appeared on his face. “I’ll be sleeping in your room quite often this month. It’s too bothersome to walk back and forth. That’s why I’ve decided to just bring my clothes here.”

“Why? Are you afraid of the dark?” Tang Feng couldn’t resist a snarky comment. He furrowed his brows in irritation. Please, couldn’t he at least have a private room to himself? He wasn’t used to sharing a bed with someone else, not to mention Lu Tian Chen at that. This was too strange. He found it difficult to accept the change in arrangement.

“Don’t forget the agreement that we have.” Lu Tian Chen smoothed out his shirt and put on his belt. He then picked up a random grey jacket and put it on. “Go get changed. We’re eating out.”

“I don’t remember the agreement saying that I have to sleep in the same room as you.” Tang Feng felt a headache coming on. Exactly what was going on with Lu Tian Chen?

He didn’t mind sharing a bed with someone occasionally. But it was another matter altogether when it came to sharing a bed for a long period of time.

“Would you like to sleep with Charles in the same room then?”

“Why do I have to sleep with him in the same room?”

“He’s a man who acts on his whims. Tang Feng, if you aren’t interested in him, then try not to get close to him. Charles may appear fickle on the outside, but once he sets his mind on something, he won’t rest until he has it in his hands,” Lu Tian Chen said seriously.

Tang Feng nodded in response. He knew Lu Tian Chen was right about Charles. Despite knowing that, he had ended up sleeping with Charles again when he felt down in the dumps last time. All right, he would do his best to prevent that from happening again. How “lucky” was he to have met Charles and Lu Tian Chen in this life. Not to mention, there was still an Albert lurking around the corner somewhere.

“It’s still early right now. Why don’t you drive me to the bookstore first? I’m going to buy a few books before dinner.” Tang Feng decided to throw everything Lu Tian Chen had mentioned to the back of his mind. At the moment, his work was more important.

Tang Feng and Lu Tian Chen ate dinner at a nearby restaurant. Before that, he had bought a few books on Christianity. Although he had looked over similar materials when he first read through the script, brushing up on the religious background while filming would help him get in character.

The apartment they were living at was close to the filming location. There were restaurants nearby and also a park. After staying inside all day, Tang Feng wanted to go for a walk inside the park. Lu Tian Chen agreed without any arguments.

Tang Feng walked by himself on the sidewalk. Lu Tian Chen had gone to find a parking space, and wouldn’t be back for a few minutes. As it was close to night, there was scarcely anyone inside the park. The street lights off to the sides of the path illuminated the park with a warm light. Shining through the cracks between the blanket of leaves above, the light made erratic marks on the ground. The cool breeze blowing through the park was chilly, but refreshing to the skin. Occasionally, Tang Feng could also hear the strums of a guitar nearby.

Quickly, Tang Feng’s attention was caught by the sound of sobs and sniffling.

The quiet off and on sniffling sounded like something a kitten would make. Tang Feng paused in his steps and looked in the direction of the sniffling. It was coming from a thicket of trees nearby. Listening closely, Tang Feng could discern that it was a child making those sounds. What was a child doing alone in the park at a time like this?

He walked over to the thicket and parted the branches blocking his way. He saw a three or four-year-old girl sitting on the ground wiping at her eyes. Her pale cheeks were streaked with tears. Similarly, her dark eyes were swimming in tears as well. At first glance, she was simply adorable.

She had probably wandered astray from her parents.


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Translator: Nannyn

The Wrath of Finals

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Happy May Day, everyone! So finals are in the upcoming weeks, and we pretty much got nothing done around here. We do have a Ti Shen chapter though, so you guys will just have to make do with that until we are all out of the whirlpool of tests. It’s almost over!

On that note, would anyone like to join us? At this rate, we’ll probably be defunct in a couple of months if we don’t get some helpers. Then you’ll have to rely on machine translations. Hahaha. That’s not a threat, I swear. In any case, that’s all for this time. Back to the whirlpool I go. (T_T)

Ti Shen: Chapter 8

Chapter 8: Force Over Words

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As soon as Ran Feng Ge exited the room and before anything could be said, Su Yi Mo’s underlings whom he had managed to lie to before, had begun to surround him – all thinking the same thought: they wanted to teach him a lesson.

With a roll of his eyes, Ran Feng Ge returned them a casual smile, his index finger lifting before his lips for a ‘hush’ motion.

A few of the people were stunned as they watched the index point straight followed by it pulling back gently, indicating to them that they were free to attack him as they like.

Provoked by his taunting, Ran Feng Ge’s assailants all rushed up towards him together…

Without even breaking a sweat, Ran Feng Ge could settle Su Yi Mo’s underlings without much hassle; said underlings laid crumpled in a pile by the side.

Acting as though he were a rich old master, Ran Feng Ge rested his leg on the large shoulder of the last remaining man, with an overly dramatic show of dusting off the ends of his sleeves – at which the big man decided to fall backwards, the back of his skull meeting the floor with a thud, knocking himself out effectively.

With a yawn, Ran Feng Ge pulled his leg back and leaned against the wall lazily with his arms crossed slowly counting sheep – how slow!

It was only after a while that Su Yi Mo finally opened the room door.

Ran Feng Ge straightened his body and decided to be the first one to act, swinging his leg forward.

Su Yi Mo had not expected Ran Feng Ge to react preemptively. He had even planned to get back at him first, yet this man had the nerve to provoke him before anything else! Because of that, Su Yi Mo quickly shut the room door, before evading Ran Feng Ge’s attack, and with a quick turn, his threw a fist right back!

Ran Feng Ge could tell that his opponent meant business. He jumped backwards with a quickstep, aiming a straight kick at Su Yi Mo.

The head of Falcon… He should be quite formidable, no?

Okay, Rang Feng Ge had no interest in seeing how far he could push Su Yi Mo’s fury, all he wanted was to trade moves with someone of high caliber.

So it was, Su Yi Mo’s every move was clean and agile, when Ran Feng Ge kicked forward, Su Yi Mo dodged it efficiently, as soon as the leg cleared and was at its weakest angle, he reached out swiftly, grabbing the ankle, and threw Ran Feng Ge with a surge of strength.

Ran Feng Ge had always been nimble, with a flip in mid-air, he righted himself, landing softly onto the floor, before once again throwing himself at Su Yi Mo.

Su Yi Mo avoided the body slam, and aimed a blow at Ran Feng Ge’s solar plexus. Ran Feng Ge held his breath as his knee came up to meet Su Yi Mo’s advancing elbow, his arm snaking across Su Yi Mo’s neck in an attempt to slam him, but Su Yi Mo refused to allow himself to be brought down; he lowered his center of gravity and straightened his back. Instead, he wanted to throw Ran Feng Ge onto the ground.

Seeing that he was not going to reach the ground, and not touching the ground meant that he was unable to gather enough force, Ran Feng Ge grabbed at Su Yi Mo’s shirt collar to regain equilibrium.

Because of the sudden pull at his collar, Su Yi Mo was knocked off balance, forcing him to take two steps forward, his steps unfortunately colliding into an ankle of his recently knocked out subordinates – Su Yi Mo was unwilling to take another step as he was worried he might accidentally step on someone and cause said person to hemorrhage internally. He may have a distant personality, but that did not mean he was cold-blooded. And so, his only alternative was to allow himself to fall on to Ran Feng Ge.

Ran Feng Ge’s legs were also tangled up with the arms of the big guy from before, he was just about to right himself when Su Yi Mo appeared above him!

The weight of two people slamming against him was enough to jolt the unconscious man back into reality! With his blurred vision just clearing, the first thing he saw was his boss and… and his boss…?! Kissing?!

Ran Feng Ge’s back was aching, although there was someone to break his fall, it felt as though it had been nothing; the body of the big guy might as well have been steel!

Lifting his gaze, he caught Su Yi Mo’s agitated look.

I guess he didn’t think we’ll end up kissing?

On the other hand, Ran Feng Ge felt nothing, they had already kissed on multiple occasions before, this was nothing new.

Su Yi Mo jumped up quickly, straightening himself at the side, anger and frustration on his face as he looked at the unfazed Ran Feng Ge.

Actually, the problem was not because he had kissed Ran Feng Ge, this was not even the first time they kissed, the problem was that who the hell would be able to kiss someone who looks identical to you?

Having allowed time to calm down, Su Yi Mo eyed the Ran Feng Ge who was wearing his face, he was unable to let himself be angry anymore, after all, he can’t give his own face a punch can he?

“If you are done with this farce, come with me!” Su Yi Mo spat out as he headed down the corridor.

Ran Feng Ge used the back of his hand to rub at his still moist lips, an indescribable emotion bubbling up in his heart.

Having blanked out a little, Ran Feng Ge felt the curious stare from the subordinate under him. He lowered his arms, with a quick roll of his eyes, Ran Feng Ge turned around and stuck his tongue out at the big guy before standing up to follow behind Su Yi Mo.

The action of his boss stick out his tongue at him scared the big guy so much so that he fainted again. Su Yi Mo was definitely not someone who would do something like this, just who the hell was this genius? Impersonating the boss to cause chaos, and yet the boss did not get angry at him? What a miracle!

Right, should I tell the brothers, that the next time we see him, we should take a big detour?


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Translators: joeypoonie
Proofreaders: dinoj

O! ヽ(°〇°)ノ Ooh! Ohh!

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Hi guys, happy 15th! Or I guess, happy Easter! We have two True Star chapters for you today. These were also translated at the last minute, so I apologize for the late release. I have to say, Tang Feng really does have a lot of men in his harem. Ah, the dilemma of choosing the best one out of the bunch. My personal pick would be Lu Tian Chen. Who’s yours? :D

As for the poll, I was lazy and didn’t come up with a new one, so I’ll leave this one here for another two weeks. We’ll be back in May, but that is around the time of finals, so I can’t promise that we’ll have something to release. It seems like all I’m doing these days is taking tests. If nothing else, I’ve been getting really good at filling out bubble sheets. Too bad that’s not something you can put on a resume. XD

That’s all for this time!

True Star: Chapter 5
True Star: Chapter 6

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