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Chapter 9: Difficulty Breathing

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Ran Feng Ge dilly-dallied slowly after Su Yi Mo down the corridor. Su Yi Mo pushed open the door leading into the private room he had reserved, indicating for Ran Feng Ge to enter. As soon as Ran Feng Ge entered the room, Su Yi Mo promptly closed and locked the door.

Touching his nose slightly, Ran Feng Ge asked, “Don’t tell me you still want to fight?”

Instead of answering, Su Yi Mo turned around and silently stared at Ran Feng Ge. His gaze was no longer as cold as it had been before.

Feeling uncomfortable being stared at, Ran Feng Ge stepped deeper into the room, making a beeline straight for the table once he spotted it. He sat himself on top of it, swinging his legs slightly. Not wanting to look up at Su Yi Mo, he could only continue looking at his toes as he asked, “So, what’s the matter?”

“I have something I need to ask of you.”

“Ah, is this what they call the carrot and the stick?” Ran Feng Ge replied with a raised eyebrow and a look full of reluctance.

“You started it first by attacking me without any reason.” Su Yi Mo emphasized, “I was only defending myself.”

“Tsk!” Ran Feng Ge clicked his tongue and rolled his eyes, “If you were being sincere, you’d stand there and let me hit you.”

“Why should I just stand here and let you hit me?”

“…That’s why I say you are insincere!” Ran Feng Ge refused to admit that the reason he played Su Yi Mo to trick Jing Qiu Han was because he was afraid of Su Yi Mo. That was why he decided to take the initiative to fight with him.

Besides, Su Yi Mo knowing that Ran Feng Ge pretended to be him to try and trick his little lover would make him very unhappy. Therefore, letting him do a little work out to soothe out those feelings would help.

See, isn’t Su Yi Mo so much more manageable now?

Su Yi Mo realized that it was getting a little difficult to maintain his iceberg persona.

He used to be someone who was very resolute in everything he did, one meant one, but now that Ran Feng Ge was in the picture, he found it very difficult to retain the same attitude. Even if he did try, what was the use if the other party refused to acknowledge it?

Just like now.

That fellow wearing a face identical to his own, sitting with both his legs dangling off the table, a look of stubbornness etched on his features, even Su Yi Mo was unable to find the drive to get angry.

Even though he had already let his anger out, he found that he was now filled with a feeling of helplessness.

“Can you first change your face back?” Su Yi Mo asked, resisting the urge to sigh out loud. Then, with a few strides, he stepped in front of Ran Feng Ge. Looking at his identical double before him, Su Yi Mo couldn’t help but feel as though it was some kind of out-of-body experience.

With a brief scratch on the cheek, Ran Feng Ge stated, “Why should I change back? I think this is quite nice.”

“I find it very awkward!” Seeing that Ran Feng Ge had no intention of doing anything, Su Yi Mo reached for the mask with the intention of ripping it off.

“Aiyah! Hurts, hurts, it hurts, be more gentle!” Ran Feng Ge had no choice but to follow the movement of the arm before him, as his face was being manipulated without his will. He was unable to form coherent sentences, “I’ll do it myself, I’ll do it! Let, let go… Argh…”

With a start, Su Yi Mo felt his spirits lift as he watched his doppelganger’s face turn red from his manipulation. Whatever he was pissed off about before.

Seeing the sides of Su Yi Mo’s lips curl upwards, a glimmer of relief shone through Ran Feng Ge’s eyes.

So long as he’s no longer angry…

Knowing his limits, Ran Feng Ge carefully felt along the junction of his cheek and ear base. He then retrieved a bottle of transparent makeup removal, which he carries along with him at all times. After what seemed like half a day, the mask was finally pulled off!

“Hu…” Releasing a breath, Ran Feng Ge glanced at Su Yi Mo from his peripheral vision and said, “So, we’ll talk about serious matters now?”

Su Yi Mo found himself staring at the slightly oxygen deprived face before him, blotches of red amid all that handsome smooth whiteness. Of course, it was only but a moment of distraction.

“Because of your little prank, I was indeed very angry. However, now that I have calmed down and have given it some thought, rather than hiding things from you, I might as well show you all my cards. Now that you’ve met Jing Qiu Han: his character, his movements, how he reacts in different situations… I am sure you should now know them like the back of your hand. Therefore, I would like you to listen very carefully to what I want to say next…” Su Yi Mo’s voice suddenly became very serious.

“Qiu Han is in fact being forced to do this. Throughout the years he has been by my side, he has indeed provided Lan Kuang information on Falcon, which led to the demise of my family’s business.”

“I did wonder at the beginning when I first accepted Qiu Han, if he approached me with a motive, but he has yet to let me down even after numerous trials.”

“Besides, I did use him to get back at Lan Kuang too… Thinking back, I suppose we can call it even.”

“The main reason Qiu Han refuses to be honest with me is because his little sister is still in the hands of Lan Kuang.”


“Therefore, you want to use this to your advantage. Provide me with some privy information and have me act as Jing Qiu Han to meet up with Lan Kuang to negotiate and rescue his sister. This way, both brother and sister will be under your protection, right?” Ran Feng Ge has always been quick to catch on. Su Yi Mo had just finished explaining himself and Ran Feng Ge was already able to guess what his next step was.

Ah… He is indeed an infatuated moron! Having already planned everything, even willing to sacrifice his own gains to come out on top in the end.

Su Yi Mo did feel a little guilty. When he first signed the contract with Ran Feng Ge, he had no intention of dragging him this far in. His only duty had been to mimic and act as Jing Qiu Han for a year in the entertainment circle to ensure that no suspicion was raised.

Alas, in the end, the plans of men are fallible. Now that Jing Qiu Han’s identity as a undercover spy was unknowingly exposed by Ran Feng Ge and Qiu Han did come clean to him, there was no way he could ignore the wellbeing of Qiu Han’s little sister. Therefore, the only choice was to rely on Ran Feng Ge.

He is capable of protecting himself, right?

Being dragged into all this… It shouldn’t… It shouldn’t be too dangerous right?

“I will add another 10 million to the contract fee for you.” Su Yi Mo muttered quietly, feeling very inadequate at the moment.

Not knowing what to say, Ran Feng Ge could only look down at the freshly removed mask in his hands. Pulling it this way and that, he said with an enigmatic voice, “You treat your little lover very well!”

“So… you…” Su Yi Mo didn’t know what was going on with his heart and all he could do was stutter uneasily.

Seeing his troubled expression, Ran Feng Ge felt a tug at his heartstrings and decided to quell the foreign emotion rising within him. Gripping the mask tightly in his fingers, Ran Feng Ge hopped off the desk, “Okay, deal!”

Before Su Yi Mo was even able to open his mouth to say his thanks, Ran Feng Ge continued, “But I want to see the money in my account first this time! Only once I have confirmed it will I do anything!”

“No problem! I will immediately call my people to transfer the funds into your account!” A rare expression of ecstasy to appeared upon Su Yi Mo’s face.

Silently, a mysterious emotion flashed through Ran Feng Ge’s eyes.

Su Yi Mo clasped his hands on top of Ran Feng Ge’s shoulders, “Even though you are paid to do this, I really need to thank you!”

“Then, I shall accept your thanks.” Ran Feng Ge replied nonchalantly.

Su Yi Mo gave those shoulders a tight squeeze, “Then I shall go and make the arrangements, we shall discuss more about this when we get home.”

“Okay.” He answered, flashing a perfect smile, without a hint of weakness.

Once Su Yi Mo had exited the room, the smile that had been plastered on Ran Feng Ge’s lips grew stiff. He lowered his head in a daze and stared at the wrinkled piece of fake skin. He lifted it up to his chest and wondered to himself. Why was he feeling so uneasy here? It was as though there was a huge rock sitting right on top of his chest making it very difficult to breathe.

Lang Ting Hotel: Presidential Suite

“Boss, this is the information you requested!”

“Just put it there!” Lan Kuang waved his hand absentmindedly. After placing the document carefully next to the tea set, his subordinate exited the room Leaving Lan Kuang alone in the vast room.

It still seemed as though he had very casually dressed himself. He wore a pure white robe that was secured loosely at his waist while a glass of whiskey appeared to be glued to his hand at all times.

This was exactly what Lan Kuang was like, sprawled lazily across the sofa with half his bathrobe hanging off him, his well-sculptured chest exposed to the world.

If one were to look carefully, one would find that there was a very faint scar marring the surface of that otherwise perfect chest. Of course, that scar was already so faint that it was unnoticeable unless one knew where to look.

Actually, the scar that was on Lan Kuang’s chest was very similar to the one that can be found on the body of An Mu. They were both marked with an ‘X’.

Except, one of them was obvious, and the other was barely visible anymore.

Lan Kuang sipped at his whiskey slowly, enjoying the taste of it on his tongue. He leaned forward and reached for the document that had been placed down by his subordinate and balanced it on his knee, flipping it over to the first page.

It contained pictures of An Mu when he was still with him, newspaper articles, rumors – Everything.

His gaze shifted to another photograph, one that was blurred.

It was a group picture of two men.

Actually, it was not really a group picture. It was taken by a reporter, which Lan Kuang had intercepted. He then had the photo developed.

It’s been two years since then.

Both men’s faces were unable to be recognized, but even from the photo, both had an imposing aura.

The one that was in the midst of falling on to the bed, had on a Vampire Knight mask. While the other stood tall at the bedside looking like a dominatrix, had on a Demon mask.

That had been the night of a costume party. Normally, Lan Kuang was not one to join in on events such as that. However, it was a party organized by a few of his sponsors so Lan Kuang had been pressured to attend.

That night, Lan Kuang had donned a Vampire Knight mask. An Mu had been the one under the Demon’s mask.

All that was visible that night had been that pair of mesmerizingly cunning eyes that were peeking out from under the eyeholes of the Demon mask.

One look was all that was needed to entrap Lan Kuang’s heart.


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Translators: joeypoonie
Proofreaders: dinoj, Lyrick

Chapter 8: Force Over Words

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As soon as Ran Feng Ge exited the room and before anything could be said, Su Yi Mo’s underlings whom he had managed to lie to before, had begun to surround him – all thinking the same thought: they wanted to teach him a lesson.

With a roll of his eyes, Ran Feng Ge returned them a casual smile, his index finger lifting before his lips for a ‘hush’ motion.

A few of the people were stunned as they watched the index point straight followed by it pulling back gently, indicating to them that they were free to attack him as they like.

Provoked by his taunting, Ran Feng Ge’s assailants all rushed up towards him together…

Without even breaking a sweat, Ran Feng Ge could settle Su Yi Mo’s underlings without much hassle; said underlings laid crumpled in a pile by the side.

Acting as though he were a rich old master, Ran Feng Ge rested his leg on the large shoulder of the last remaining man, with an overly dramatic show of dusting off the ends of his sleeves – at which the big man decided to fall backwards, the back of his skull meeting the floor with a thud, knocking himself out effectively.

With a yawn, Ran Feng Ge pulled his leg back and leaned against the wall lazily with his arms crossed slowly counting sheep – how slow!

It was only after a while that Su Yi Mo finally opened the room door.

Ran Feng Ge straightened his body and decided to be the first one to act, swinging his leg forward.

Su Yi Mo had not expected Ran Feng Ge to react preemptively. He had even planned to get back at him first, yet this man had the nerve to provoke him before anything else! Because of that, Su Yi Mo quickly shut the room door, before evading Ran Feng Ge’s attack, and with a quick turn, his threw a fist right back!

Ran Feng Ge could tell that his opponent meant business. He jumped backwards with a quickstep, aiming a straight kick at Su Yi Mo.

The head of Falcon… He should be quite formidable, no?

Okay, Rang Feng Ge had no interest in seeing how far he could push Su Yi Mo’s fury, all he wanted was to trade moves with someone of high caliber.

So it was, Su Yi Mo’s every move was clean and agile, when Ran Feng Ge kicked forward, Su Yi Mo dodged it efficiently, as soon as the leg cleared and was at its weakest angle, he reached out swiftly, grabbing the ankle, and threw Ran Feng Ge with a surge of strength.

Ran Feng Ge had always been nimble, with a flip in mid-air, he righted himself, landing softly onto the floor, before once again throwing himself at Su Yi Mo.

Su Yi Mo avoided the body slam, and aimed a blow at Ran Feng Ge’s solar plexus. Ran Feng Ge held his breath as his knee came up to meet Su Yi Mo’s advancing elbow, his arm snaking across Su Yi Mo’s neck in an attempt to slam him, but Su Yi Mo refused to allow himself to be brought down; he lowered his center of gravity and straightened his back. Instead, he wanted to throw Ran Feng Ge onto the ground.

Seeing that he was not going to reach the ground, and not touching the ground meant that he was unable to gather enough force, Ran Feng Ge grabbed at Su Yi Mo’s shirt collar to regain equilibrium.

Because of the sudden pull at his collar, Su Yi Mo was knocked off balance, forcing him to take two steps forward, his steps unfortunately colliding into an ankle of his recently knocked out subordinates – Su Yi Mo was unwilling to take another step as he was worried he might accidentally step on someone and cause said person to hemorrhage internally. He may have a distant personality, but that did not mean he was cold-blooded. And so, his only alternative was to allow himself to fall on to Ran Feng Ge.

Ran Feng Ge’s legs were also tangled up with the arms of the big guy from before, he was just about to right himself when Su Yi Mo appeared above him!

The weight of two people slamming against him was enough to jolt the unconscious man back into reality! With his blurred vision just clearing, the first thing he saw was his boss and… and his boss…?! Kissing?!

Ran Feng Ge’s back was aching, although there was someone to break his fall, it felt as though it had been nothing; the body of the big guy might as well have been steel!

Lifting his gaze, he caught Su Yi Mo’s agitated look.

I guess he didn’t think we’ll end up kissing?

On the other hand, Ran Feng Ge felt nothing, they had already kissed on multiple occasions before, this was nothing new.

Su Yi Mo jumped up quickly, straightening himself at the side, anger and frustration on his face as he looked at the unfazed Ran Feng Ge.

Actually, the problem was not because he had kissed Ran Feng Ge, this was not even the first time they kissed, the problem was that who the hell would be able to kiss someone who looks identical to you?

Having allowed time to calm down, Su Yi Mo eyed the Ran Feng Ge who was wearing his face, he was unable to let himself be angry anymore, after all, he can’t give his own face a punch can he?

“If you are done with this farce, come with me!” Su Yi Mo spat out as he headed down the corridor.

Ran Feng Ge used the back of his hand to rub at his still moist lips, an indescribable emotion bubbling up in his heart.

Having blanked out a little, Ran Feng Ge felt the curious stare from the subordinate under him. He lowered his arms, with a quick roll of his eyes, Ran Feng Ge turned around and stuck his tongue out at the big guy before standing up to follow behind Su Yi Mo.

The action of his boss stick out his tongue at him scared the big guy so much so that he fainted again. Su Yi Mo was definitely not someone who would do something like this, just who the hell was this genius? Impersonating the boss to cause chaos, and yet the boss did not get angry at him? What a miracle!

Right, should I tell the brothers, that the next time we see him, we should take a big detour?


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Translators: joeypoonie
Proofreaders: dinoj

Chapter 7: Confession, Forgiveness

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Su Yi Mo had no plans of hiding anything from Jing Qiu Han. He answered honestly, “He’s a body double I’ve employed. While you’re recuperating, he’ll be taking your place in the public world.”

“Body double?” Jing Qiu Han’s jaw dropped in shock. “Then he…” Why did that man act so brazenly? So unbridled?

“He’s only acting that way in order to play your character well. But don’t be afraid. I will warn him to stop bothering you!” Su Yi Mo comforted Jing Qiu Han. He rested a hand on the other’s shoulder and looked at him earnestly. “Xiao Han, do you have something you want to say to me?”

Jing Qiu Han didn’t dare meet his gaze. Looking down, he said shamefully, “I did get close to you with a goal in mind. It was also an act when I’d betrayed Lan Kuang in front of you and broken off with Chasing Hawk.

“But you were so good to me. I didn’t want to hurt you at all. Although I still sent information about the Su family’s branch of Falcon to Lan Kuang, I only did it after careful thinking. Everything I’ve given them seems important, but they are actually worthless information!

“…I admit there were a few times when they’d pressed me too hard and I had to give them something more substantial… Three years ago, the fire in D City that had caused Falcon to suffer disastrous losses… It was because I’d given them your business plans… The incident at Sunshine Dock in B City a year ago… It was also my fault…

“I’m sorry… Ah Mo, blame me if you want. It’s all my fault due to my selfishness… I’ve let you down!”

Jing Qiu Han’s eyes were rimmed with red, full of pain and self-blame. His fingers brushed against the dagger he had used to stab Ran Feng Ge earlier. He made a swift decision and grabbed the hilt, aiming the blade at his own throat.

Su Yi Mo reacted fast and reached out to stop his arm. “Xiao Han!”

The dagger cut across Su Yi Mo’s wrist. Bright red blood splattered onto Jing Qiu Han’s face. He glanced numbly at Su Yi Mo, tears falling from his eyes. In that instant, Su Yi Mo snatched away the dagger.

“Ah Mo… Ah Mo… I… I…” Jing Qiu Han mumbled incoherently. He fumbled around and tried to press his hand against Su Yi Mo’s wound. But the tears blurred his vision and his agitation made it difficult to control his movements.

Su Yi Mo didn’t pay any attention to his wound. He took out a handkerchief and wiped away the tears and blood on Jing Qiu Han’s face. He pulled the man into his arms. “Xiao Han, don’t be like this. To be honest… I’ve more or less guessed the truth of what had happened in the past. I just couldn’t believe it. I was waiting for the day when you would come clear to me. Today… Let’s just treat today as the catalyst for your confession. We’ve already talked about everything with each other, so there won’t be anything between us in the future. I will definitely save your sister. Don’t have any strange thoughts, okay?”

“You don’t blame me?” Jing Qiu Han asked pitifully.

Su Yi Mo smiled for once. He comforted, “I do blame you. I blame you for not talking about this with me in the first place. I blame myself for not being charming enough for you to talk to me. I also blame myself for not having the power to protect you.”

Hearing his response, Jing Qiu Han wrapped his arms around Su Yi Mo’s neck and kissed him. “Ah Mo… Ah Mo…”

No matter how many words they spun, they couldn’t find the correct ones to describe their current feelings.

Su Yi Mo tightened his arms around the other. He took the lead from Jing Qiu Han and deepened the kiss. It was quite a while before they let go of each other.

Su Yi Mo patted Jing Qiu Han’s head. “We’ll get you out of the hospital. I’ll take you to the mansion in the outskirts tonight. I’ve installed people there, nobody will be able to break in.”

“Okay, I’ll listen to you,” Jing Qiu Han agreed.

Su Yi Mo released him and stood up. “Wait for me. I’ll bring the car around.”

“Okay.” Jing Qiu Han held onto his hand and said, “Be careful. Come back quickly!”

Su Yi Mo smiled and patted Jing Qiu Han on the hand. The latter let go reluctantly, eyes trailing after Su Yi Mo’s back as he left the room.

While the door was open, Jing Qiu Han focused his gaze on the floor outside his hospital room. There was a shadow of a person reflected on the floor, long and languid. It only straightened after Su Yi Mo left the room.

When the door closed shut, a vicious glint appeared in Jing Qiu Han’s eyes. Was it the body double?

The brazen man appeared to be the unpredictable type…

It would be best if the body double didn’t get in his way.


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Translators: Nannyn

Chapter 6: Intense Collision (3)

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Using Hei Bao’s voice, he said, “What am I planning? What do you think I’m planning? Boss said you aren’t doing your job and told me to get rid of you.”

“…Bao, Bao-ge?” Jin Qiu Han recognized the voice. His expression darkened and he replied quietly, “I don’t believe you. Boss would never kill me―”

“That might be true in the past, but you’ve been dragging things out. Boss’s patience has been stretched to its limit.” Ran Feng Ge continued playing his role. What he really wanted to know was whether Jin Qiu Han had amassed any information on Su Yi Mo over the past few years. Would he ever raise a hand against Su Yi Mo?

Jin Qiu Han bit his lip in frustration. “I want to see Boss.”

Hah! Do you think Boss even wants to see you anymore? You haven’t relayed anything useful and have been lying low by yourself for a while now.” To avoid revealing anything detrimental, Ran Feng Ge deliberately kept his words vague. He reached out his hand and demanded, “Give it!”

“I…” Jin Qiu Han hesitated. “Are you really Bao-ge?”

Ran Feng Ge chuckled coldly. “Do you think I am? Don’t waste my time. You know Boss’ personality, I don’t want to be dragged down with you!”

“But I…” Jin Qiu Han spoke haltingly. “It’s not here.”

Ran Feng Ge pressed, “Then where is it?”



The door burst open and Su Yi Mo walked inside angrily. He glared at Ran Feng Ge with gritted teeth. His gaze was cold enough that it appeared as if he wanted to cut Ran Feng Ge into a thousand pieces right where he stood.

Ran Feng Ge sighed to himself. Ah, what a waste of a good opportunity. This goddamn iceberg, would it hurt for him to be a little late?

Jin Qiu Han glanced apprehensively at Su Yi Mo. In the confusion, he couldn’t figure out who was the real Su Yi Mo and could only stare with terror at the man before him.

Su Yi Mo felt his heart tighten at Jing Qiu Han’s expression. He walked forward and said gently, “Xiao Han, it’s me.”

Jin Qiu Han shrank backward as Su Yi Mo approached him. After hearing the familiar voice and recognizing the familiar feeling, he looked at Su Yi Mo with widened eyes, fear and hurt evident in his expression.

Ran Feng Ge yawned at the display. He couldn’t get over the disappointment in his heart. With just a few minutes’ work, Su Yi Mo had ruined his chances of discerning Jin Qiu Han’s true motives.

“What are you still doing standing around? Get out!” Su Yi Mo turned and snarled at Ran Feng Ge.

Jin Qiu Han was curled up inside Su Yi Mo arms, one hand gripping the latter’s sleeves tightly to express his fear. He had yet to figure out Ran Feng Ge’s identity and his heart thrummed as he pondered through the possibilities.

“I was trying to help you―” Ran Feng Ge tried to explain.

“I don’t need it!” Su Yi Mo cut him off and pointed at the door. “Get out!”

“Even if you yell at me, what’s done is done. I’m not afraid of you.” Ran Feng Ge stood still in his spot. He pointed at Jin Qiu Han and said, “He really has collected information on you. He was just about to tell me the location when you had burst in―”

Ran! Feng! Ge!” Su Yi Mo growled out the other’s name, a blaze inside his eyes.

Jin Qiu Han instantly turned a shade paler when he understood what was going on. He threaded his arms around Su Yi Mo’s neck and pulled him in a for a tight hug. In a quiet voice, he sobbed, “Ah Mo… I’m sorry… I’m sorry… I never wanted to harm you… I was being threatened…” He choked on his emotions, appearing quite pitiful.

Su Yi Mo didn’t have the mind to berate Ran Feng Ge anymore. He turned and wrapped his arms around Jing Qiu Han. As he gently rubbed the other’s back, he said, “I know. It’s all my fault. I didn’t do my best to make you feel safe… Otherwise, you’d have talked to me about it, isn’t that right?”

Ran Feng Ge couldn’t resist rolling his eyes. How exactly did Su Yi Mo overlook Jing Qiu Han’s sudden change in expression? He had even shifted the blame over to himself…

As expected, anyone who fell into the whirlpool of love would turn into an idiot. A dead log! A narrow-minded fool!

“I’m sorry… Ah Mo,” Jing Qiu Han repeated his apology. Having stirred up his emotions, he immediately started coughing. He pressed a hand against his chest as his face flushed red. Su Yi Mo quickly patted him on the back. “Xiao Han, I haven’t blamed you at all! Don’t push yourself!”

“My little sister… She’s still in their hands… I had no other option… I admit that I had an ulterior motive when I first got close to you… But my feelings towards you are unchanged! Ah Mo! I’d been delaying things and haven’t sent them any information for a long time. Because of that, they’d sent people over to give me a warning. I’d thought that they wouldn’t press me so hard after knowing I’ve been injured and in a coma for a few months. I’d never imagine…” Jing Qiu Han glanced at Ran Feng Ge and started wondering to himself. Why hadn’t Su Yi Mo driven him out yet? Who was he? Su Yi Mo treated everyone with indifference, so much that he never bothered having an argument with anyone. If someone did manage to make him angry, he’d never let them off easily. Yet why hadn’t he ordered his subordinates to drag this man out and teach him a lesson? Why had he only yelled at the man? Moreover, judging from the man’s unconcerned attitude, it seemed he was quite close to Su Yi Mo.

Ran Feng Ge felt Jing Qiu Han’s gaze on him. He glanced at the other out of the corner of his eye, sweeping over the vicious expression decorating Jing Qiu Han’s face. Jing Qiu Han immediately noticed and retracted his eyes. He buried his face inside Su Yi Mo’s arms and didn’t lift his head again.

Ran Feng Ge chuckled to himself. Interesting.

But it was boring to stay inside the room any longer. Never mind, there’d be another opportunity for them to talk.

Ran Feng Ge clasped his hands behind his back and strolled out of the hospital room.

Jing Qiu Han lifted his head and stared after him. He asked Su Yi Mo with a lingering trace of fear in his voice, “Ah Mo, that person just now… Who is he?”


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Translators: Nannyn
Proofreaders: dinoj

Chapter 5: Intense Collision (2)

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Ping An Hospital

A figure slipped through the elevator doors and walked directly toward Jing Qiu Han’s room.

When he was about to open the door, two people wearing hospital gowns appeared from the two sides of the hallway. It was a man and a woman, both were nimble and skilled. The woman placed her hand on top of his, using a surprising bit of force. The man angled his way in front of him and said, “This place isn’t open to everyone. Look clearly at the room number!”

The man who had his way blocked lifted his head, exposing a cold and stern face.

The other two were immediately shocked. They hadn’t expected to see their own master at a time like this. The woman quickly released her hand and stepped away with the man in tow.


It was Su Yi Mo. He wasn’t a fool; he would never leave Jing Qiu Han alone in the hospital without setting up any protective measures.

“I’m here to visit. Go back to your stations and don’t let your guard down,” Su Yi Mo said seriously. He scratched his nose after speaking, a crafty light inside his eyes.


The two guards returned to the room next door. After ensuring that he was alone, Su Yi Mo rubbed his cheeks while muttering to himself. As expected, just pretending to be an iceberg was making his facial muscles rigid. His cheeks were going to freeze off at this rate!

This Su Yi Mo was actually Ran Feng Ge!

He had originally wanted to come dressed as Jing Qiu Han. After thinking a bit, he decided to use Su Yi Mo’s face instead. Judging from Su Yi Mo’s tense behavior whenever it came to Jing Qiu Han, he’d probably have set up a trap in the hospital. If there were the case, Su Yi Mo’s own cold face would be his passport.

Living up to his expectations, he had already been stopped three times while making his way to Jing Qiu Han’s room.

The guards Su Yi Mo had installed inside the hospital probably hadn’t expected to see him this late. Moreover, he had come without any previous warning, catching everyone off guard.

Nevertheless, he had to admire these people for their loyalty and sense of responsibility. They were still awake despite it being late into the night. Were they waiting in the shadows just to ensnare people who held bad intentions against Jing Qiu Han?

Ran Feng Ge took a deep breath and pushed open the door.

Jing Qiu Han was already awake with a guarded expression on his face. Seeing that it was “Su Yi Mo,” his tense expression immediately gave way to a smile. He called out warmly, “Ah Mo!”

He then furrowed his brows. “Why are you here this late? Did something happen?”

Ran Feng Ge was troubled by his question. He had gone behind Su Yi Mo’s back and came here alone. If he messed this up, wouldn’t he be fired from this job?

“Nothing happened. I’m just a bit worried, so I came over to visit you,” Ran Feng Ge said while stepping closer. “How are you today? You seem energetic.”

“I’m much better now. I’m starting to mold around the corners from having to stay in the hospital day after day. Ah Mo, when can I leave?”

After moving closer, Ran Feng Ge noticed Jing Qiu Han’s pale complexion. He looked both thin and pallid. It made sense. No one would heal that quickly if they were seriously injured.

“…Aren’t I doing this for your own good?” Ran Feng Ge replied in a quiet, placating voice. “Just bear with it for a bit longer. After your condition is more stable, I’ll take you out of the city and to the mansion in the suburbs south of here.”

“Really?” Jing Qiu Han excitedly lifted his head. He immediately started coughing and covered his chest with a hand. It seemed like his sudden movement had pulled at his wounds.

Wouldn’t Su Yi Mo go up right now and support him into an easier position to breathe? Ran Feng Ge thought to himself. He didn’t waste any extra time and quickly stepped up to the bed. While supporting Jing Qiu Han’s back, he said, “Of course, would I lie to you? Don’t be so excited. Watch out for your wound―Whoa―”

Ran Feng Ge exclaimed in shock, his words cutting off. He jumped up and avoided the dagger Jing Qiu Han had swung his way.

I’ve never seen how Su Yi Mo acts while he’s with Jing Qiu Han. It’s unavoidable that I can’t pull off the act. Seems like I’ve been exposed, he thought while dodging.

Jing Qiu Han stared cautiously at Ran Feng Ge. Fiercely, he asked, “Who are you? What are you planning by getting close to me?”


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